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    Originally posted by DyvimTvarsBodyguard

    ''The Walkin Man'' :twisted:
    Nah... "I AM THE LAW" of course! :)


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      Asterix rules! the only comic series i have actually read en masse. i have great memories reading them many years ago, and from time to time i also like to pick a volume and reread it.

      TinTin rules, too. altough i never bought any albums. maybe itآ´s time to check out some...

      do you know Corto Maltese? he is another incarnation of the EC, he has to be. thereآ´s also a movie, but i think only in french, if i am not mistaken. the comics seem to be pretty rare, i saw some of them in a library.


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        oh fuk thats right, i was thinkin of ''among the living''
        ~i am the walkin dude~

        the ''long walk'' was completely different.

        damn, -1 in anthrax trivia


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          No worries! Probably got confused when you were caught in a mosh!
          Don't tear yourself up!



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            [Sigh] :D

            The second single I ever bought (that I'll admit to in public) was a 12" of I Am the Law and I'm The Man. I also still have my Anthrax Tee with Judge Death on the front! I grew out of it as a kid (it's XL, so we'll put the "growth" down to pies), and recently rediscovered it after losing all the excess weight. Now I'm skinny, and I have a "vintage" tee to boot!

            For the record, Anthrax still get the job done. :twisted:


            "Respect the badge, he earned it with his blood!"
            "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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              'Among the Living' is a great album anyhow...
              I also had that Judge dredd T-shirt... But it didn't look good on me..


              • #22
                Thanks TL,
                but it's to late.
                I ripped off my face
                begged the metal gods for fogiveness.

                ~Be on the look out for a special package coming to a p.o. box near you~


                • #23
                  Hey DTB? Are you the guy who started Zakas? If 'NOT' is that guy hanging around this place?


                  • #24
                    Yeah, this is me, even though I don't want to admitt it
                    after missing the anthrax question...ha!

                    whats up?

                    [email protected]


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                      I'm so glad Theocrat asked that question. I was wondering the same thing. Wasn't sure if DTB was with Zakas or just a really devout fan. :)

                      Say, DTB, some of your art looks 3D-rendered. I can see the use of Poser in there. What other 3D software do you like to use? I'm big on Poser and Bryce as well as Rhino 3D, though I have yet to make the jump to 3D Studio or Maya.

                      Oh, but this is the Favorite Comics forum, so...

                      Fave superhero: Spider-Man, hands down!
                      Fave comic: James O'Barr's The Crow, from which the Brandon Lee film was made. Incredible story and remarkable artwork.
                      "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                      --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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                        Ok... My suspicions are confirmed then.
                        How do you work on your material and where/what do you guys record on? Homestudio or?

                        !Psychic WarVeteran!

                        If you really want to get into 3D, you must totally skip 'Bryce' and 'Poser' or any other title from MetaTools. It's not even a good place to start!
                        Starting with Rhino is good so start learning the basics with that software if you like.

                        Start with Max as fast as you can.. I know the learning curve can be steep but you'll get the hang of it. I can help you around if you want.
                        MAYA is really a tool for doing something really serious. And has a very steep learning curve and power. But if you want to just be a backyard gardener don't pull out the bulldozer. (i suck at semantics).
                        Though i've put 3D on the shelf for now.

                        I've been working with 3D Art and Animation since '96 so i know at least something about it... Not a 'total' expert... but in that bussiness nobody really is.. it's learning to "build the wheel all over again" when engaging on a new project according at least to the experts. Hence the stress... :I


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                          How do you work on your material and where/what do you guys record on? Homestudio or?
                          Both CD's were recorded at mcc studio's.
                          It is a home studio~ but not in the traditional sense.
                          Its a 1200' studio built behind his house.
                          ''Him'' being
                          Bill McClirk who is the producer and keyboards/vocals.

                          24 track Alesis board
                          3 ADATS
                          1-HD24 (24 track hardisk)

                          mastered in HDCD (20 bit)
                          I will send you a CD, if you can review it.
                          Say, DTB, some of your art looks 3D-rendered. I can see the use of Poser in there. What other 3D software do you like to use? I'm big on Poser and Bryce as well as Rhino 3D, though I have yet to make the jump to 3D Studio or Maya.
                          Yeah, I use Poser, Bryce and Photo Impact 8.
                          Poser can be frustrating and Bryce is easily recognizable,
                          but I like them, for what im doing.
                          I got HASH & 3dmax but haven't learneded them~ yet.
                          I would say use em all,in combination,
                          they all their highlights/downfalls.


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                            DTB Welll... I don't know if i can review it right now... i have alot going on.. and my schedule is packed.. That site i mentioned earlier will have to wait till fall..

                            So it's mainly a hardware studio?


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                              I mentioned this elsewhere, just not in as much detail.
                              I have Illegitimus Non Carborundum by ZAKAS. This being the second cd.

                              The cd is outstanding, and that is putting it mildly!
                              The opening and closing surf style numbers are classic...with a twist!
                              The five part Pirate arc alone could carry the cd. But wait, there's more!
                              You get El Chupacabra, Dreamberry, God's Black Space, House of Kang, and many others. Most of the themes running thru the various songs will be familiar to SciFi, Fantasy, Comic Book, and Urban Legend fans.
                              I stated before, it's a great cd to take on roadtrips...or whatever trip you may prefer. Very eclectic. As I stated before, upon finishing it the first time, I played it again...and again.

                              This is my sincere opinion. I'm not being paid for this.
                              However, portions of your contributions will go to the Elric Party in support of the Stormbringer in 2004 campaign.

                              Oh, yes. This is the Comic Book forum. My favorite is still Grimjack as mentioned above.

                              Thank you,


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                                So it's mainly a hardware studio?
                                Right, but its scheduled for a pro tool upgrade this year 8)

                                Here's a couple mp3's I did at my home studio.
                                PC program: Vegas Video
                                Hardware:Sony-mini-disk 4 track

                                (I played guitar on this one,
                                hence the total disreguard for key and scale)

                                Mad Note Super Monkey (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)


                                Here's the original wav~ I cut-up for ''Feelipino''

                                ''What is that? is that your peennyaut?''
                                classic :P

                                Thanks TL~
                                Glad you ''liked'' & ''got'' I.N.C.

                                I'm working on something special,
                                you'll be among the first to get it.

                                Checks in the...I mean check your mail.
                                support the Elric Party Stormbringer in 2004