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Favorite Comics of All Time

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  • Favorite Comics of All Time

    Post your opinnions here, What's your favorite comic of all time? I've always been a big X-men fan. But Spawn gets my vote because of the gripping storyline and the awesome artwork. Plus, Spawn spawned the best action figures I've ever seen.


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    As a youth I liked Marvel comics. Spiderman was my favourite. The flawed hero so much better than the invincible Superman type. Stan Lee approached his then editor with the idea of Spiderman and the editor said something like: 'No way. Teenagers can only be side-kicks and everybody hates spiders. And who wants a superhero with problems?' Then for the last issue of Amazing Tales or some such the editor said 'OK Stan, last issue, you might as well try out your Spiderman idea for this one.' It sold six or ten times as much as any other issue, and Spiderman was born.

    There's a sequence when Spiderman rescued someone and was paid by cheque, but when he went to cash the cheque the cashier asked for proof of identity. So Spiderman hung from the ceiling and all kind of other antics but the cashier still wouldn't pay up. :lol:

    Current affairs like the drug scene was also mixed in with many of the plots too.

    I liked the X Men too and still have some of the original American editions. Will scan the covers and post pics here if anyone's interested.

    Better stop now lest I ramble.


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      On a nostalgia tip, I'd have to say the Giffen-era "Justice League". It was my first taste of super heroes acting like petty squabbling children, and I thought it was genius! (I was about 13 at the time) The writers took the characters and stories seriously, but they also gave them a sense of humour. Sometimes it was witty, sometimes it was silly and sometimes it was just a good adventure yarn. I also enjoyed their depiction of Guy Gardner (still my favourite ever Green Lantern) as a slightly unstable, deeply repressed, faux-macho man who flew at the chance to use his power ring first and ask questions... well, when Batman told him to. I just found the way the team split into "children" and "babysitters" very funny. It was nice to imagine that if you give a joker super-powers, he remains a joker... he doesn't have to sit on a water-tower brooding all night! Also it was the first comic I read where a female character objected to wearing a skimpy costume, which I thought was rather subversive at the time.

      Other than that I'd say "Ragmop" because it deserves to be mentioned as often as possible. It was funny, it was satirical, it had a kick-ass female lead who refused to wear skimpy costumes... it was cancelled after seven issues. No fair.



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        I was so excited, I forgot to log in. Sorry about that.

        "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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          Fantastic Four issues 45-80 or so. That's Lee and Kirby at their finest. Galactus when he really seemed like a god. The Silver Surfer when he really seemed like an alien. The Watcher when he looked like he might need to change his Huggies. Sue makes you wonder what the hell the use of an Invisible Girl might be. Ka-zar just makes you wonder. You got the blind and brilliant sculpturess. Teen-angst Johnny in sports cars. Ben versus the Yancy Street Gang. Sub-Atomica. The Inhumans and Lockjaw while Medusa gets hairy. Doc Doom. Him (a.k.a. Adam Warlock) breaks out. Reed smokes a bowl.

          Newsflash: Late Breaking Lockjaw Controversy!!!

          I dunno, maybe I meant to say I like Doctor Strange the best...


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            Tintin in Tibet
            "The Secret of the Unicorn" and its sequel "Red Rackham's Treasure"
            Google ergo sum


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              The X-Men since John Byrne was drawing.
              I'm too young to have anything before that.

              Isn't it the X-Men added a sense of realism
              That's the kind of shit I like.
              I have a lot of lesser known stuff in my relatively
              small collection.
              I liked Jaime Delano's "World Without End." (DC)
              If you missed that one, wow you missed out on something
              really original.
              How about Slaine: The Horned God?
              The manga I collected included Appleseed,
              Lone Wolf and Cub, Battle Angel Alita, and Kamui (An
              authentic ninja story).
              I got into Sandman kind of late. I enjoyed
              The Kindly Ones very much.
              All of these comics are FRIGGEN EXCELLENT!!!

              I don't collect anymore. Jeez I'd be in the poorhouse.
              I go in cycles between DVDs and books now. Actually
              I've been showing pretty good restraint lately.
              Just picked up Dawn of the Dead on dvd though. I want
              to hear the director commentary!
              Just saw the "remake" yesterday. It's pretty good.
              It's not really a remake. In some ways it's better than
              the original, in someways not. The original has a better
              plot I'd say. The pacing and character development was much better in
              the Romero (first) film.
              The new one has some cool "novel" ideas. I enjoyed it
              better than 28 Days Later. Not cool in an artsy way as 28 days, but
              in terms of being intense, making you feel tense and putting you on
              edge, and actually being scary, the new Dawn is effective.
              Not very many movies can do that for me nowadays. I was still laughing out loud though like I usually do. (Mr. Desensitized here)
              \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
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                "The Invisibles". Nothing else comes close - it's the comic series that got me reading comics again.


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                  Definitely, my favorite comic is Bronze (actually it is a manga... a japanese comic).
                  Sweet moons!


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                    Savage Sword of Conan


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                      Well, I worked in a comic book store 1990-1994, so I used to keep up better. Now when I look, it's the occasional graphic novel. As far as my more current exposure, I'd have to say The Authority.

                      But my all-time favorite series was from the now defunct First Comics. I speak of the ex-cop, mercenary, assassin,ect. living in Cynosure, where all dimensions meet, and who's fate was tied to this this metropolis. This gritty anti-hero was Grimjack. Too bad First folded, Their were good things in the works for this title. BTW, created by Ostrander & Truman.


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                        Seems like everyone has forgotten the 2000 A.D. comics and Judge Dredd. Rogue Trooper was also good! And alot of other stories as well.

                        Judge Dredd the movie with Sly destroyed alot for them i can say..
                        That movie sucked..

                        The same happened with the TMNT comic. That story had lots of violence in the comics, and the turtles didn't have corny humour either as in the films. Though i wasn't a fan of the comics.

                        The Same thing happened with MASK... That story had GORE.. Not love!
                        And he looked more insane! I HATE Hollywood!


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                          There was the 'mature' comic put out by a lot of people involved with 2000AD called Warrior that had an Elric strip in (if I remember rightly). I think one reason people don't remember 2000AD much here though is that it was primarily a British thing through the 70s and most of 80s.


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                            Anthrax made a song about JD in the eighties! Remember which one?


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                              Anthrax made a song about JD in the eighties! Remember which one?

                              ''The Walkin Man'' :twisted:

                              check it out:

                              2 hours 22 mins
                              10-day listing
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