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Comic book recommendations?

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  • Comic book recommendations?

    I don't know much about comics..... what are the especially great ones? I’m not much a fan of superheros but I don’t mind them. I have read Tintin, maus and some stuff by Junji Ito before which I loved...

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    I'm not sure there'd be a lot of agreement they are especially great comics, but there are a lot of comic adaptations of MM's stories. I recently enjoyed reading The Swords of Heaven, The Flowers of Hell, a collaboration between Howard Chaykin and MM. The adaptations by P Craig Russel also stood out to me.

    I haven't read Junji Ito, but have been meaning to for some while. Since you mention him and Maus, maybe consider Shigeru Miizuki's Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths. Again, though, I'm not sure that one's hailed as one of the especially great ones. However, Miizuki is a comics industry giant.

    Alan Moore is another major voice. He's got a lot of titles, many of which are widely considered especially great, but my recommendations are his From Hell and V for Vendetta.
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