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  • Jim Lee

    What does everyone think of Comic Book Artist Jim Lee?

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    Like his work. Some of his X-Men stuff really standout. I enjoyed the early run of Wildcats but then it seemed like it started losing its direction. I actually met him years ago when he was promoting the release of Wildcats. He was only suppose to sign Wildcats, but he would go ahead and sign anything you put in front of him despite the protest of people that were trying to keep order in the store. Nice fellow :)


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      Jim Lee

      I think he's ok but not in the same class as say Neal Adams or Jim Steranko. That being said it's probably harder for modern artists to be inovative because so many inovations have already been done so it's more a case of guys like Jim Lee refining what has gone before. Does that make sense?


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        He's a nice artist to look at sometimes, but he's not a good writer. He is a good idea man, though. Without him, Wildcats 3.0 would have never existed.


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          I'll agree that he's not a very good writer. I enjoy most of his artwork, though. Every now and then, though, I just have to wonder what whackjob editor let some of his stuff through.