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  • Reading Comic Books

    Does anyone else here regularly read one or more series of comic book? I get about 15 different titles a month, and im interested to see what people on this board are reading.

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    You may want to try the sandman series by Neil Gaiman, pretty good stuff, as well as his novels. Here's a link to his site.


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      Oh yeah man, Neil Gaiman is one of my fave Authors. I own the whole sandman series as well as all the spinoffs (The dreaming, Death, Etc.). I recently met Neil Gaiman and got my Hardcover of THE WAKE signed. Hes a really nice guy.


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        Not quite as voracious as yourself but I read a few - mostly keep up with Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, besides that I quite like Chyna Clugson-Major's 'Blue Monday' and 'Scooter Girl' from Oni Press - sort of a cross between the Archies and Lum / Urusei Yatsura in a 'mod' setting - with the Lum side winning. But generally I'm pretty ignorant about what is out there.


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          Yeah, Blue Monday is great. I have to say its one of my fave books as well. I just wsh it would come out on a regular basis.


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            Well I know Chynna's been taking a sabbatical from Blue Monday to do 'Scooter Girl' - self-contained series which has just finished.

            Big interview with Chynna over at - click on 'Culture'


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              I read the first issue of scooter girl, but i never got to finish the rest of the series.


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                Anyone like the new Captain America (writer Robert Morales) as much as I do ? In many ways comics are doing what science fiction was doing in the 50s and 60s -- questioning authority via the popular arts.

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                  I used to read 'Cerebus', but stopped looong before the end because it was starting to leave a bad stain on my soul. I was once an avid fan of 'Justice League International/America' during the Keith Giffen era, but these days I'm one of the lazy people who wait for things to be collected as graphic novels. I realise that if people don't buy the monthly issues, then they won't actually be collected as graphic novels, so this isn't really the best way to support good writers and artists... especially since many of my favourite titles folded after seven or eight issues. Ragmop, anyone? My respect and gratitude to people who keep their standing orders ticking over.

                  Personal recommendations:

                  Shade the Changing Man
                  The Invisibles
                  The Sandman (obviously)
                  Hectic Planet/Milk & Cheese
                  Scud the Disposable Assassin
                  Ghost World
                  Ambush Bug (sorry, needlessly obscure... but funny!)
                  Marshal Law
                  Wired World

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                    Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
                    Anyone like the new Captain America (writer Robert Morales) as much as I do ? In many ways comics are doing what science fiction was doing in the 50s and 60s -- questioning authority via the popular arts.
                    Yes i do! Thats actually one of the titles that i get every month. It is indeed a great title.


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                      Comics thread

                      I am down to Mignola only Hellboy stuff and Sock Monkey. I still collect old stuff though.

                      Comics is a medium that may never truly fulfill its potential in the U.S. Looking across the pond you get to enjoy stuff from the likes of Enki Bilal - and most of it is hugely stylish if not actually brilliantly written.

                      I have cried at reading 3 comics: X-men 137 (Death of Jean Grey and for which I have often felt manipulated ever since), Thor 350 (Death of Odin, but I have no idea what happened afterwards because I stopped reading after Simonson's stint), Manhunter (originally in Detective Comics, collected at least three times since - Simonson again).

                      Amongst the very few mags that could be considered very high art in the medium were Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Sandman #50, and Reid Flemming World's Toughest Milkman.

                      My favorite comics ever are Fantastic Four 48-50, Kirby's Fourth World (before all the later crap), any Dr. Strange (but particularly Ditko, Colon, Brunner (!), Golden, Smith, Rogers), Englehart and Rogers' Batman, Vampire Tales, early Starlin Warlock, Iron Fist story in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 19-24 (?), Son of Satan, Tomb of Dracula (particularly the Janus stories) - as I look back over this list I realize that even though most of these are traditional super hero crap they often transcended their genre. In some ways, the reason these are good is that they probably worked in opposition to any possible expectation on the part of the reader.

                      Consider the Janus stories in Tomb Of Dracula. Dracula gets hitched, his wife is some kind of crazy pseudo-xtian, they have a child, that child is possessed by an angel created to destroy Dracula that then succeeds in doing so. That's fucked up!

                      Reading some of those old 70s comics was more like being on acid than actually being on acid. Trading the real up for the fake, and with no come down phase.


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                        All I read these days are;

                        Batman and selected Batman maxi-series(always have since I was a kid, its the only straight "superhero" comic I can stomach)
                        All Alan's AGC stuff (My favourite is Top Ten, and the Smax miniseries is just hilarious)
                        1602 (because Todd Mcfarlane is a thief, and anything that helps Neil and Alan prove that is worth supporting)
                        DEMO (indie comicby Brian Wood, a friend of mine draws)

                        As far as old comics go, I like;

                        V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing Watchmen, Miracleman, and Alan's part of Supreme
                        The Spirit


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                          Following titles currently on my subscription list:

                          Swamp Thing, Punisher, Alpha Flight, 2000 AD, Larson!, Conan, Hellblazer, 1602, The Red Star.

                          The last one in particular is immensely enjoyable, and is also developing a distinctly Moorcockian flavour along the way.

                          I'll be picking up Sea Guy and Doom Patrol when they're released, but that still only makes eleven... I must be growing old.


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                            I'm curently getting these books
                            Astonishing X-Men
                            The Clockmaker
                            Ex Machina
                            Fantastic Four
                            Ultimate Fantastic Four
                            Marvel Knights 4
                            The Legion
                            Supreme Power
                            and these three minis
                            The Authority More Kev
                            Identity Crisis
                            plus I'm getting the Avengers Disassembled crossover so I've picked up these books for the moment
                            The Spectacular Spider-Man
                            Iron Man
                            Thor and I'll be getting these books as they tie into the story
                            Captain America
                            Captain America and The Falcon
                            The Avengers
                            I'll also be getting Dr Strange, Warlock and of course Elric when they come out.


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                              As for Trade Paperbacks I'm colecting Preacher, Sandman, Starman, Grant Morrisons JLA and Stormwatch.