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Civil War

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  • RCraigRobinson
    Corsair of the Second Ether
    • Mar 2004
    • 81

    Civil War

    Just curious if anyone else had picked up the recent Civil War title by Marvel?
    I won't get into any spoilers, but the premise is that a disaster
    involving some super powered folk forces the gov't to enact a
    registration law for all super humans. The masks have to come off
    and they have to work for Uncle Sam.
    Iron Man and several others are for it,
    Captain America and several other others are against it.
    It is building up to quite a conflict.

    I haven't read comics in a while and this sort of shake up
    pricked my interest. 2 of the 7 are out, and of course,
    every Tom, Dick and Harry with a Marvel title have tie-ins.

    If you're read it, I'd like to read your feed back.
    If you are interested, check marvel's website. It's splashed
    all over the place there. Or, obviously, consult the gurus at
    your friendly neighborhood comic book shop...
  • David Mosley
    Eternal Administrator
    • Jul 2004
    • 11823

    The 'guru' at my local comic shop yesterday was saying that Marvel are effectively printing to order on the whole Civil War line, so (depending on how many 'spare' issues your shop orders) unless you get into CW at 'ground zero' getting hold of any missing issues could be something of a nightmare.

    Personally I think the overall idea is quite interesting, but I'll be sitting this particular cross-over event out - as I do most of them, to be honest. :)
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    _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


    • Reinart der Fuchs
      Mr. The Fox
      • May 2006
      • 4708

      I missed issue one. I thought I'd get into comics again with CW, because it sounded interesting. My local shop is out of CW #1, so now I'm resigned to waiting for the graphic novel. Issue #2 looks very interesting.
      Infinite complexity according to simple rules.


      • RCraigRobinson
        Corsair of the Second Ether
        • Mar 2004
        • 81

        Issue two lags in the middle, but makes up for it at the end.
        Talk about changing paradigms.

        I got lucky. I bought Issue 1 and 2 during the same week.
        There were plenty.

        After this CW concludes, I may try tracking down The Watchmen.


        • Miqque
          Champion of the Balance
          • Apr 2004
          • 1002

          Civil War is great stuff. Haven't gotten #2 yet (the old lack o' cash) but it's being held for me.

          "Civil War" is a Hot Item!

          Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's first issue of Civil War from Marvel Comics is about the hottest item there is right now. Numbers on issue #1 are surpassing 300,000, and these are just preliminary sales. Issue #2 is topping this number. And don't leave out its companion piece, Civil War: Front Line which views events from the reporter's perspective and fills in many of the gaps and questions. Front Line will run for twelve issues.
          These are numbers unprecedented since the 1990's binge; and a true change at Marvel for their characters.

          Newsarama and MillarWorld are probably the best overall sources for news. I chip in a bit when I have time -

          Personally, I want a shot at writing Iron Man. For a top character, the sales have stunk it up (hovering near 30K a month.)
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