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Anyone out there read manga/ watch anime?

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  • Anyone out there read manga/ watch anime?

    I'm not much in to a lot of the American/ British stuff, though I have read some Sandman.

    On the other hand, I read manga quite avidly and watch some anime.

    Some of my favorite series are: Saiyuki, W Juliet, Hana Kimi, Gravitation (the anime version, I haven't read the manga, and I don't plan to based on some things that friends have told me about it), some series by CLAMP (I've read quite a bit of their stuff), Gundam Wing (this somehow seems inconsistent with the rest of the list, but I just can't resist robots blowing things up sometimes...), and one of my all time favorites Fruits Basket.

    I've read/seen quite a bit more than what i put on this list, this is just what comes to mind at the moment.

    If any one else likes manga/anime, I'd enjoy discussing the ones I've read/seen and getting recomendations.


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    So you like Shojo for the most part then.

    Im into Anime and Manga.


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      Did you ever see the Anime that had the Lucky Kitty Gym Shorts in? I forget the name,but it was very funny.

      The most perverted Japanese Animation is Uritsokodoji-known as the wandering kid. Get a firm grasp on your brain before you attempt to watch the five part original series, starting with Birth of the Overfiend.

      If you are a Fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons fan, please watch Record of the Lodoss War. It captures fantasy adventure to the last detail including kingdoms at war,dragons and an adventure party of a warrior knight,an elf maiden,a human mage,a dwarf fighter and a human cleric. Oh, almost forgot the human thief and the evil characters are very cool as well,like the dark elf.

      You probaly all seen Akira since it is popular. That is always a good one. I have not watched any since 1997 so I don't know about any new ones,but I did watch the Cowboy Beebop movie. Before that I watched ones like Bubblegum Crisis,Devil Hunter Yoko and Battle Angel.

      As far as comics, I only had Starblazers,Speed Racer and Robotech,haha. :)

      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
      - Michael Moorcock


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        During the Anime "boom" (shortly after Akira broke in the UK) I got very into the wackier, comedy titles such as Dominion: Tank Police and Project Ako, but after that the company which imported the films seemed to concentrate more on straight sci-fi/action/horror... which were still very good, and good-looking, but not quite as cute. I have as stack of Battle Angel comics, which I look at when I wnat to feel reallly bad about my drawing "skills". Also some Oh, My Goddess!, which was pretty cool.

        I guess I stopped watching Anime because the dubbing was getting on my nerves, but now with DVD you generally have the option of subtitles, which I would much prefer. I sure the dub-actors were doing their best, but it always sounded as if they rushing to keep up with the dialogue, rather than "acting" as such.

        Although they aren't generally imported to this country, and I wouldn't buy them if they were, I love the idea that soap opera and romcom stories are also animated/drawn in Japan. All we seem to get are the giant robots and vampires, which is cool because I happen to like giant robots and vampires, but as a cartoonist I appreciate the fact that Japanese people just accept that animation can be for adults. I enjoy Toy Story and such, but wish they could apply some of that technology to something a little different.
        "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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          Ive been watching Samurai Champloo lately. Its a great series. I highly recommend it.


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            A lot of the stuff that people listed as popular aren't ones that I've watched or read... :lol:

            I followed a bit of record of Lodoss War stuff, but I never really got into it because I had trouble finding it. :x

            Yes a lot of the stuff that I watch and read is shojo, but I am kind of piky about it... Some of the really bubbly soppy shojo stuff gets on my nerves... I like stuff like Gundam Wing too, robots blowing things up is always fun, I have just been exposed to a limited selection of the stuff.

            A few things that I didn't mention that I've seen and liked are Coyboy Bebop, Eskaflowne and Gost in the Shell (the first one).

            Most dubs are pretty poorly done, English and Japanese are just to different... Saiyuki is probably the only anime that I can watch in the dub, I actually feel that they did a better job with intonation and such than the original. I watch most things subtitled though, for the most part it's just better.

            S. Ombre


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              This talk of animation reminded me of a movie preview that I saw. Have you seen the trailer for A Scanner Darkly? It has an animated Keanu Reeves in it. I think it will be pretty cool. It looks like the real actors only they are animated. Maybe they are animated over sort of like what the Ralph Bakshi animated Lord of the Rings was like in parts.

              Oh,another warning on that wandering kid Anime, it is ultra-violent and pretty much X-rated. I noticed they do have it on dvd now. There seems to be many like it that deal with demons and so forth,but that one seems to be the best or worst depending on how you look at it. :)

              Ya, Ghost in the Machine was cool. There was one Anime called Riding Bean that I wanted to see,but I never got to see it.

              There is one called The Professional that was really good too,I think it became the Golgo 13 series. I only saw the one movie though.

              "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
              - Michael Moorcock


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                I' m not much into shأ´jo either but there's some good stuff out there. Like Sokora refugees ?


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                  Tell me, S. Ombre, how well do you understand the undubbed dialogue in these things? You've only 2 years of Japanese, so I would expect the answer is (at best) , "A bit."



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                    At times I wil understand entire chunks, and then I will go for a couple of minutes without understanding a word. Most of the time I catch a word here and there. Even though I don't understand everything that a character in the subbed version is saying (of course that is the point of subtitles), with certain characters, I expect a certain kind of voice, and some of the dubs make strange choices in terms of what the person sounds like.

                    S. Ombre


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                      Another good (so far) manga that I've only gotten the chance to read the beggining of, is called Bleach... I nead to check some of the volumes out from the library.

                      S. Ombre


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                        Yeah, Bleach is pretty good. I like the Anime as well. Its fansubbed.


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                          Originally posted by mordenkainen
                          I' m not much into shأ´jo either but there's some good stuff out there. Like Sokora refugees ?
                          I just read this from your link, I think it's really good.

                          Merci, je l'ai beaucoup aimأ©. C'est trأ¨s rigolo! :clap:

                          S. Ombre