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Morningside: without the cresent (kickstarter)

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  • Morningside: without the cresent (kickstarter)

    Ever wondered what the station in Morningside actually looks like?
    Ever wondered what Rothgo got up to as a child?

    Well this kickstarter from Sean Michael Wilson may answer a question or two. Though probably not...! I haven't seen what's inside so can't tell (and our memories are currently under "spoiler" territory), though I imagine a Scottish take on the wonder-tears in comic form.

    Playing on the rail line through Morningside might be there; might not. I might make an appearance; might not (Sean was a year older than me: still is in fact - he was best mates with my brother who will most certainly be making an appearance under a suitable nom-de-plume). What is guaranteed is that superheroes won't be making an appearance!