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Orson Scott Card, new (anti-gay) Superman writer [split]

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    I daresay the only stifled voices here are those of the queer kids unfortunate enough to have parents who share Card's views.

    And I doubt the stifling of their liberty is limited to their speech.


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      Possibly the greatest comic writer from Brazil:

      This guy is a fucking genius, lately, he likes that we call him she.

      I bet Orson Scott Card would not like him much, but then, who cares for OSC ?

      I will watch Ender's Game though. I loved the book, despite OSC.
      "From time to time I demonstrate the inconceivable, or mock the innocent, or give truth to liars, or shred the poses of virtue.(...) Now I am silent; this is my mood." From Sundrun's Garden, Jack Vance.
      "As the Greeks have created the Olympus based upon their own image and resemblance, we have created Gotham City and Metropolis and all these galaxies so similar to the corporate world, manipulative, ruthless and well paid, that conceived them." Braulio Tavares.


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        I have nothing to say about Orson Scott Card, except in not to think about him at all and needless to say i am not going to see that Ender's Game movie.()
        Mwana wa simba ni simba

        The child of a lion is also a lion - Swahili Wisdom


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          I read 'Ender's Game' when it was new.

          I didn't think much of it then.

          The idea of a warrior selectively bred to finish a long war seemed unlikely to me, then and now.

          However, compared to Ayn Rand's gibberings....

          Nobody has mentioned Poppy Z. Brite, the poster child for sexual confusion.

          No matter, the work is what counts, what people do BY CONSENT is none of yer beeswax.

          The rabid persecution of gay people in the latter half of the XX Century is really odd. It wasn't a big deal before that.

          I guess since the war made picking on the Jews unfashionable, a new victim was needed.

          Almost at once, it cost us Turing. More followed. The more persecution, the more vulnerable to blackmail(one of the prime concerns of the security services)they became.

          Numbskullery run rampant!