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Identity Crisis

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  • Identity Crisis

    If you havent been reading this series yet, start now. Its one of the best ive read in a long time. It definetly lives up to all the hype that it was given. SO SAYS MCTALBAYNE!

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    I'm reading it and your right this series is great.


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      Im glad someone else is enjoying it besides me.


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        This series actually got me reading DC (The Elric Saga not withstanding) again. Oddly enough, it was the Judus Contract that turned me off DC, not that it was bad, but at the time I was subscribing to Titans because I didn't have access to comic stores and Quicktrip didn't always carry everything I wanted. The Judus Contract Ended in a Outsiders comic and an Anual.... neither of which were covered in my subscription.


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          WHAT A SHOCKER! I cant believe that ******** is the Killer!!!!


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            Originally posted by McTalbayne
            WHAT A SHOCKER! I cant believe that ******** is the Killer!!!!
            But it's not ******** it's his wife, this turned out just like Avengers Dissasembled I guess it was just a big coincidence.


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              I was kinda let down that it was his wife. It was a cool twist but id rather it have been him. There would have been farther reaching repurcussions.