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What book are you reading at the moment? Part 2

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  • I have a few of Jan Morris' travel books Pebble,which i liked.
    I never knew she wrote novels,im definitely going to have to check that book out.
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    • Originally posted by Pebble View Post
      Originally posted by Kevin McCabe View Post
      Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Vol. 1. It's always good to read a good space-time re-telling of Ragnarok after watching a good space-time re-telling of Hawkeye.
      Did you spot Thor's Hammer on page 2 - double page spread of issue 1?
      Yup! In fact, I think that is one of the classic comic pages of all time!
      (along with page one, I think he's actually wielding it there )
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      Kevin McCabe
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      • Just starting The Life and Astonishing Adventures of John Daniel...
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        • Originally posted by thingfish View Post
          I have a few of Jan Morris' travel books Pebble,which i liked.
          I never knew she wrote novels,im definitely going to have to check that book out.
          It is her only novel and there was an original edition, but then a second edition came out last year with a further bit added. Pax Britannica trilogy was superb. Her trip around Venetian Empire was great - how I learnt that Candia was a real name for Crete.

          The Bechdel book is a graphic novel and I am enjoying. It is really great when you pick up some out of the blue, not know anything and find a good read.
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          • After dipping in and out of a variety of short story anthologies on my Kindle, I've gone back to my re-reading of the Elric saga with Sailor on the Seas of Fate


            • Originally posted by sexadelic
              Just to say, I imagine there's a small overhead reduction for us if you use the covers of Mike's books that we host in the Image Hive here rather than linking to external sources, such as your ImageShack pages. Not a biggie but we have a resource here already and it's a shame not to use it.

              Also, if you're going to take images from the Image Hive for your ImageShack album, a credit and/or acknowlegement of where you sourced them from on your pages would be appreciated. A lot of time and effort has been put in by people here sourcing and scanning the images and it would be nice for that to be recognised if they're going to be distributed further afield. Thanks.

              Originally posted by sexadelic
              By ********* at 2011-01-19
              Can I ask, is this really necessary every time you post a picture? Can I suggest you might want to consider adding a general link to your ImageShack profile in your signature, i.e. "Visit my ImageShack album", instead?

              Sorry to seem like a kill-joy but I'd rather address these issues sooner rather than later.
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