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Storm Constantine - Wraeththu

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  • Storm Constantine - Wraeththu

    Wraeththu is an epic tale. I really can't say anything more about it. I would probably start rambling and end up giving away the whole story. I bought the omnibus endition and it is without a doubt the best non-Moorcock book I have ever read, and that is saying a lot. I wonder if she has a website I can write to...


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    Storm Constantine

    Storm's website can be found on and is I must say excellent. From July 5 for two weeks her own publishing company Immanion Press is having a sale so Wraethu titles and others may be ordered at a 30% discount. :D
    \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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      If you liked the Wraeththu omnibus, you'll LOOVE the two new Wraeththu books. Re-read the omnibus, and then run, don't walk, out and get The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure and The Shades of Time and Memory. The former is now available in the States from Tor Books, and the latter is imminent. A third book, The Ghosts of Time and Memory, is forthcoming in the UK and eventually, in the US.

      There are also her re-written definitive editions of the first three Wraeththu books, available from Immanion Press (Storm's new publishing co. in the UK). is the gateway. They are quite expensive to get in the States due to shipping, though.

      Apparently Storm is working on a sequel to Silverheart as well.

      I must say, as someone who has befriended Storm over the past 8 years, that she is easily one of the nicest people I'll ever know. :D


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        As a late follow-up for this thread, I'll add that I'm currently proofreading the third book in Storm's Wraeththu Histories, entitled Ghosts of Blood and Innocence. I'm only about a third of the way through it, may well eclipse the previous two (Wraiths and Shades), certainly in terms of sheer scale and scope, and perhaps in the "small details" as well: the interplay, the lives and the relationships of the characters we've grown to know and love. Publication is set for March 2005 through Immanion Press, in time for Storm's appearance at LunaCon, near New York.

        So, the Wraeththu series stands at:

        "Paragenesis" -- short story in the anthology The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams (James O'Barr and Edward Kramer, eds.) -- this is the tale of the original Wraeththu and how it started

        The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit
        The Bewitchments of Love and Hate
        The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire

        (above three are collected in the States as Wraeththu)

        The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure
        The Shades of Time and Memory

        "The Hienama" (novella due out in a month or so)
        The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence


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          Wow, I must say that you are truely privilaged to be able to proof read for Storm. I'm green with envy. Wraeththu really opened my eyes to literature outside the realm of Michael Moorcock. Before finding Storm I was very limited in my reading habbits (sticking to Mike and Greg Bear, two I knew I would enjoy). But now I know to look closely, you never know what kind of treasure you may stumble upon in the odd bookstore here or there... I have difficulty resisting the temptation of entering every bookstore I chance upon!



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            Well, of course: sometimes the journey is as rewarding, and as much fun as, the destination. It's fun to wander into a bookstore, not find what you were actually hunting, but walk out* with a bunch of new books to devour. :)

            Storm had emailed me a copy of "The Hienama," a novella that will apparently appear with the Wraeththu roleplaying game, for proofreading. I found some relatively minor errors and sent it back. "Since you have an eagle-eye, Paul," Storm responded, "Here's the final edit for Ghosts for you to look at." She added coyly "Besides, I thought you might like to read it." Well, umm, yes. :)

            I've finished it and emailed it back, with a few corrections. (I also added the character Swift into an ensemble scene toward the end. Poor kid, getting overlooked like that :)) It's still scheduled for March, from Immanion Press. Go to their website** right now and preorder it, 'cause they're having an end-of-year sale. And while you're there, drop in and say hi in the Forum; we could use some fresh blood-- err, victim-- err, friends to talk to. :D

            * preferably after having paid for 'em :)
            ** there's a link to it from


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              Updating the release schedule here..... All three current books from Storm and Immanion Press were available at LunaCon a few weekends ago, and are shipping now from the UK for those who preordered. (In the case of Ghosts, this is two months before the originally scheduled date; I'd like to think it's partly because I whipped through the copyediting in just a few days.)

              1. The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence -- full-length novel and final book in the Wraeththu Histories (the second trilogy). Trade paperback format. A great book, but I'm a bit biased, eh? I'm credited as proofreader.

              2. The Hienama -- A Story of the Sulh -- hardbound novella. This one looks great, too! Very impressed with the design and layout. This is a fairly racy tale, too. :) For some reason I'm not credited with the final proofing. :(

              3. Wraeththu -- From Enchantment To Fulfilment -- role-playing game original sourcebook. This is a large-format trade paperback. There is a wealth of new background information here from Storm and co. on the entire Wraeththuverse, and most of the B&W interior illos are wonderful. (Bruce Wells, a friend of mine here, did the majority of them.) There are also excellent maps -- finally!
              The game is set fairly early in the Wraeththu timeline, while humanity is still a diminishing threat and internecine warfare between the early Wraeththu tribes is commonplace. Call it a few years, perhaps as many as ten or twenty, before the events chronicled in The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit and the ascension of Pellaz as Tigron in the year ai-cara 1.
              My edits and proofreading apparently didn't make the final edition, and much of the book is entirely new to me, so there are a fair number of errors. Oh, well. Ironically I'm credited with some of the character quotes (true enough), as a playtester (nope) and as proofreader (nope). Oh, well. :)

              As a side-note, Immanion Press is now publishing about 30 books in their catalogue, and growing steadily. Most of them are not by Storm herself, but by other UK writers, some new and some long-established, but who cannot get published in their own country. Seems there's a tight lock on new SF and fantasy in the UK, where the established publishers seem to look only for the next Pratchett or Rowling. :x


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                This thread just caught my eye and I went onto Storm's website as I haven't seen hide nor hair of her for donkey's years.

                My first encounter with her work, for what it's worth, was when working with my brother on layout and artwork for a now defunct sci-fi & fantasy magazine called "R.E.M" (Rapid Eye Movement, not the band of the same name - lol) back in 1992. I don't see any mention of the novella which we published in that magazine anywhere on her website nor mention of the work by title - it was a novella length story entitled "Preservation" which Storm also provided original white chalk on black card artwork for (which I still have in a cupboard I think).

                Good writer!


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                  Wandering back in, after buying my first house, sponsoring a band for a music festival here in the States, and helping out with Dragon*Con again this year :lol:

                  I'm quite curious to see more about the Storm story and artwork you published, RobotArchie. The good folks who ran Inception, Storm's information service, back then have long since turned the reins over to someone else, and a lot of the old info, credits, etc., have been lost. :(


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                    Updating the thread with some new info.... Storm C.'s new book Mythanima is due for release soon from Immanion Press.

                    There was a bit of a purge at I.P. and she now has new people helping her out with art direction, etc. Whew!

                    Also released in the interim was Grimoire Dehara: Kaimana, which is exactly that, a magickal grimoire. It's almost worth the price for the excellent B&W interior illos alone!