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Greg Bear - Eon Series

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  • Greg Bear - Eon Series

    For Sci-fi lovers out there this is an awesome series. A must read for any Sci-Fi fan. Greg Bear is one of the few writers that I will put down Moorcock for (if only temporarily).


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    I have to agree, Eon blew me away. I haven't gotten to the others yet, didn't want to ruin the feeling I had after the first one, but I think I will now :D



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      yep - blew me away as well when I read it years ago.

      Blood Music's great as well.


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        Yes, I agree. For a very short and easy read, Blood Music is very good.


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          His fantasy novels were pretty neat also - there were a pair of alternate world type things but I can't remember what they were called. They were pretty unique at the time and probably still are.


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            Oh yeah his fantasy was 'Inifinity Concerto', kind of a Tim Powers thing but not quite THAT good. He really could have followed the fantasy side of things and done just as well.


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              Yeah, you can find the two books Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage together as "Songs of Earth and Power." And I agree, they are both very good. I happened upon a copy of Infinity Concerto in a used bookstore several years ago. I couldn't find The Serpent Mage anywhere so I was very happy when I found them together in one copy.

              Interesting side note: The copy of Infinity Concerto I bought had an old bus pass inside from Phoenix AZ on Oct 30th 1986. I've kept it with the book ever since.


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                Yeah that's one of the things I enjoy about used books is the history, how the book has changed hands and where it's been.


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                  I read Songs of Earth and Power recently and thought it was excellent.
                  The theme of Mahlers unfinished dark symphony that threads throughout the book was an interesting idea.
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