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The High Crusade by Poul Anderson

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  • Cosmic_Champion99
    Champion of the Cosmos
    • Mar 2008
    • 202

    The High Crusade by Poul Anderson

    I got the book a few days ago and I love it! I am eating it up page by page. I am not really a fan of science fiction, but this is for sure one of the bests!
  • devilchicken
    We'll get to that later
    • Nov 2004
    • 2814

    I have a copy of that on my shelf at home but haven't got around to reading it yet. I have read Anderson's The Broken Sword, which is really good S&S.

    I've heard mixed things about his pure Science Fiction stuff.
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    • DeepFixer
      Eternal Champion
      • Dec 2003
      • 2249

      I read that a number of years ago, when I was searching out the books on E. Gary Gygax's 'Inspirational and Educational Reading List' in one of the appendices in the 1st Ed. AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide.

      Definately one of the origins of the 'mix and match' D&D campaign: Knights of the Middle Ages get hold of a space ship
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