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An idea for a cornelius story

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  • An idea for a cornelius story

    I have a good idea for a cornelius or similer story. How about the glorification of the rough childhood and lives of media stars? And the disrespect to those who have a happy childhood and life? The ghetto is good attitude? Most of its fake anyway, and who says they are any good cos thay had a "hard life" Most of its fake and for show anyway. It pisses me off. Its not like trauma is a fun or going to make you any good is it. Ugh those stupid cristina aquileraa and and thick jamelia bitch MY ABUSE MADE ME STRONGERR...........BOLLOCKSS!!!!! It insults those who have felt pain. Ooh look 50 cent has been shot 9 times, well what an idiot. He still sounds like a eunach who cant sing. I hate this pain issues misery culture. I dont even look at bbc sometimes. It really pisses me off when the misery culture gets into the books and writing.Its as if theyve forggotten how to make ENTERTAINMENT. Something like that.

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    What, nice cheeful stuff like The Rasmus! Or Robbie Williams

    Have you seen that book called 'Where Did it All Go Right : Growing up Normal in the 70s'. Not read it, but the title is great. The jacket reviews comparing it to Nick Horby and Tony Parsons were more than enough to put me off though.


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      Was that Andrew Collins or Stewart Macconie? It got baaad reviews, except for from their media friends on Brit radio. :roll:
      \"Killing me won\'t bring back your apples!\"


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        Dont diss The Rasmus There the best. I mean like that prat on big brother Vikter who pretends hes had a rough life and thinks he can rap. Or that freak kitten.You know like asumming a bands crap just cos they arnt" from the streets" I mean , they dont actually live on the streets do they, or theyd be dead. And the double standards of saying i hope you do well to baands etc then once theyre successfull, shooting em down!


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          He may have had a rough life, but a cold shower is more than enough to bring him back down to size.

          Not that I watch it. :oops:
          \"Killing me won\'t bring back your apples!\"


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            I think we're all out of sequence (kind of related to something you said somewhere else about liking The Rasmus and then not liking misery culture. I mean they wear BLACK so they have to be miserable, don't they???

            Funny how many bands from the streets are really from stage school (not that you can't be both).


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              The rasmus ar not misery culture. By misery culture i mean the ramming of pain down the viewers throat at every opertunity. Like when the bbc has weeks and months dedicated to a boring miserable subject like DISABILITY WEEK or WAR WEEK. AND STUFF LIKE THAT!!!!!


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                Mebbe should just wait till after the war and have a disabled veterans fortnight instead?
                \"Killing me won\'t bring back your apples!\"