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Zoran Zivkovic: 'The Fourth Circle'

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  • MJR
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    • Jan 2004
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    Zoran Zivkovic: 'The Fourth Circle'

    Wow! What a great book. Now I have to read the rest of Zivkovic's work!

    'The Fourth Circle'

    What could a computer wizard self-exiled in an abandoned Buddhist temple possibly have in common with the humble servant of a medieval fresco painter? What is the link between the enigmatic mission of a giant radio-telescope and a tribe of spherical beings who dwell in a world full of unearthly scents and herbs? What will bring four great scientists from various centuries, Archimedes, Ludolph van Ceulen, Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking, to the same spot in time? What has this got to do with Rama, a female computer program, impregnated by a strange ape? And, above all, why is it necessary for Sherlock Holmes and Moriarti to join forces so that the Fourth Circle can finally be closed?

    "Zoran Zivcovic is a subtle, intelligent, wonderfully inventive writer who brings a fresh point of view, an idiosyncratic angle of attack, to everything he produces. He is one of the finest writers currently at work in the 'New Europe'."---Michael Moorcock

    The winner of the "Milos Crnjanski" award in 1994.

    Published in the USA in 2004 by Night Shade Books/Ministry of Whimsy.

    Published in Russia by Amphora, 2002.

    To be published in Bulgaria in 2004
    by Infodar.

    To be published in South Korea in 2005 by Munidang.
    \"No, I think Space is a dimension of Time. My theory is that Time is a field and that Space exists as an aspect of Time.\" Michael Moorcock

    \"All I know about anything is \"I wasn\'t. I am. I will not be.\" Michael Moorcock