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Short Stories or Epic volumes?

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  • Short Stories or Epic volumes?

    What is your favorite: A string of short stories or one large epic volume.

    Personally I've a love of large books. I like the way they feel in my hands. Also, no matter how a story ends I am always left feeling depressed. It sounds sappy but it is like loosing a good friend. So I have always been partial to long, thick books because they last longer.


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    I think I probably tend toward liking short stories because some of my earliest fondest reading was of Howard, Lieber and Mike's early Elrics. Some of the best stories I have ever read (F+GM, Conan, Elric etc) have been shorts and I really miss that there's no real market for them these days unless you're an already established author (hope to be proved wrong on that one). If only there were still a market for magazines like the old Wierd Tales with gems like Bazaar of the Bizzare or Jewels of Gwahlur. Bring back the pulps! :)

    I go for large volumes too, so long as the content warrants the size. The omnibus versions of Mike's books are about right.


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      I like both, but I find I'm more depressed finishing a long book for that reason you mentioned (you're sorry to see it go). But I love Ballard and Borges for short stories, and they are perfect for a bus ride.

      Which is why I read epic novels on the bus, then take a book of short stories when I'm off on holiday somewhere . . .


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        I like both short and long novels, but I prefer novels.

        Grey Mouser, I too wish that we had a fiction magazine market that could specialise in short pulpish stories. The only UK one we have is Interzone, but thats more for hard sci-fi.

        I think that they should bring back those old kind of magazines. It's always nice to read a short story which is a fun little story with no indepth merit or desire to change the world and the way we think it.


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          Manmiles - I wonder if there's a market for a fantasy version of a magazine like Interzone (Mittlemarch?). I'd certainly be willing to shell out say 3 - 5 quid a month for the latest issue. How much is Interzone these days? A magazine where aspiring authors and artists and poets can make their mark to bridge the gap between obscurity and the corporate best seller machine. Perhaps marginal and slightly underground, where word of mouth and integrity of content and intent play a greater role than corporate marketing. Even in Mike's day these magazines didn't last for long and even New Worlds (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) relied heavily on the patronage of a few hard core supporters including Mike himself. Have games consoles and computer games taken over from this form of entertainment? Is the internet the new medium?