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The Scar by China Mieville

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  • The Scar by China Mieville

    I've just bought this book and am looking forward to giving it a try if I can crowbar myself away from my PC for a while. Great reviews on the cover blurbs, including this one from Mike:

    'Mieville is one of those few writers helping reinvent a form and reviving a sense of wonder you might have thought you'd lost'

    I like that quote because I feel just like that these days and need my sense of wonder re-awakened.

    Also there's this quote from M John Harrison: 'No one out-trades China Mieville at the bazaar of the bizarre.' I liked this because of its comparison with one of my favourite of Leiber's famous F & GM storys.

    Anyone want to chip in a few words about this book or author? No spoilers if poss

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    I'm intensely interested in this particular author; I've heard he writes a sort of fantastical cyberpunk with sprawling metropoliseses... metropolisi... metroploiti...(what's the plural on that?), magical technology and sorcerer hustler types.

    Let us know about it willyas?


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      My two penn'orth

      Mieville is one of the most exciting young novellists I've read in a long time. I've read all three of his books, King Rat, Perdido St Station and The Scar and he just keeps getting better.

      Something in his style reminds me of 'Gloriana', if that helps to wet your appetite. :)