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    "It is a well-known idea, not just among "mystics," but among modern psychologists, that tha sad person lives in a sad world,the angry person in an angry world, etc Then the sad person reads sad books and the angry person reads angry books? Even if those books seem funny and optimistic,say,to other readers?"
    Coincidance-Robert Anton Wilson

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    interesting idea, not far away from the point of view of MM about readers thinking about the books.

    If i understand, a book is colored by the view of the world of the reader ?


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      Cant get away from our conditioning...can we?

      R.A.Wilson goes on to quote Lichtenstein
      "This book is a mirror. When a monkey looks in, no philosopher looks out."

      and then asks "Does that refer to one book only, or to all books"?

      Found in the chapter "HowTo Read/How To Think" where he writes of "uncritical inferences" "projections" "glandular emotional reactions".

      In short, mechanical thinking.