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Prisoner of the Horned Helmet - James Silke/Frank Frezetta

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  • voilodian ghagnasdiak
    Did the book show much of FF's art AZ?

    Ill take these chaps on my side..brilliant piece.

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  • Prisoner of the Horned Helmet - James Silke/Frank Frezetta

    Most recently, I finished reading The Prisoner of the Horned Helmet, book I in the Death Dealer series based on Frank Frazetta's artwork by the same name. The story deals with a barbarian, who comes into possession on a horned helm that grants supernatural abilities... however cannot be removed.

    The story was quick-paced, with over 60 chapters, over the span of 240+ pages. The characters interesting, although standard Sword & Sorcery fare. It's a guilty-pleasure, although I enjoyed the book from begin to end. Not bad for a book I paid 2$ for...