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Solomon Kane

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  • Solomon Kane

    Has anyone read the Solomon Kane books, by Robert E. Howard? They look very interesting, and id love to read them. However, its proving very difficult to actually find them anywhere. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Yes, the stories are great. You should read them.

    I'd recommend:
    1) a library (including loaning it from a different branch)
    2) buying it via - search: "Solomon Kane (The Robert E. Howard Library, Volume III)" There are several used for around $17 but it looks like an all in one edition so that may be quite nice actually.
    3) used bookstores
    4) the usual second-hand stores online
    5) There's even this fine edition: for $150 plus.

    Always try google, or another search engine, first. You can likely find reviews and several new/used places to buy almost any book. Amazon is good because of the average reader reviews.

    - Krunky


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      Yeah, i saw that one on Amazon used. I wasnt sure if it was an all in one or not though. Thats what im looking for. That 160 dollar one is nice but i dont have that kinda money, hehe. Thanks for the info!


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        BAEN put all the other Howard stuff out in the mid-nineties I believe. I got 'em all.

        They are really good - Kull, Cormac Mac Art, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, Black Vulmea. Ah, Howard was a good writer, such a shame.
        When they had advanced together to meet on common
        ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
        and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
        each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
        mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
        killing, and the ground ran with blood.

        Homer, The Illiad


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          I, too, was tempted by the expensive Solomon Kane volume, but I have a first edition paperback which I treasure. Sadly, I got rid of all my Gnome Press first edition Conans years ago. I'm still pleased I had the sense to hold on to those early Fafhrd/Gray Mousers I still have. The new reissues of the Howard books, done as they originally appeared, without any of the awful sequels by other hands, look very nice too. I would also recommend the editions available from Amazon uk in the Fantasy Masterworks series -- a two volume set of Howard's Conan stories.
          This is the same series which did my original Elric stories in order of appearance and is a tremendously good series, including E.R.Eddison and other classics, and more modern writers such as Wolfe and Vance.
          You can check the whole series out via -- readers have made it their business to list the individual titles in the series.

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            Cool beans. Thanks mike!


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              Yeah, the Fanatsy Masterworks is where I get most of my moorcock's. in England it's one of the only ways of ensuring you'll find a copy. The Hawkmoon omnibus is especially good. IUt has a brilliant cover. The Corum one is okay, though I thought the Elric cover was average, I didn't like the battle shorts he had on. Slightly too effeminate!


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                Ahh, Solomon Kane, one of Howard's best. I borrowed them from a friend a long time ago and, yes, sadly had to return them. This particular friend used to find great Howard stuff with enviable ease. I would spend weeks hunting for Howard not finding a bean, and he would stroll up having just found, say, Kull and Kane lying idly in a 2nd hand bookshop by sheer chance.

                $150 seems a bit steep.

                Has anyone read any of Howard's historical stories that he used to write for Magic Carpet and Oriental Adventures? There's a good selection in a book that was published as Sowers of the Thunder. Fantastic for Howard fans.


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                  I just came across this while browsing:


                  The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
                  Robert E. Howard

                  Product Details:
                  ISBN: 0345461509
                  Format: Paperback, 432pp
                  Pub. Date: June 29, 2004
                  Publisher: Random House Publishing Group

                  The cover notes "fully illustrated throughout." And if the cover is anything to go by it's going to be illos. by Gary Gianni (which means it will have a kind of Roy Krenkel feel to it.)

                  See also:


                  Amazon has a preorder price of $11.17 and has Del Rey as the publisher.

                  If you have held off until now, might as well hold off a little longer. This looks to be a nice edition in paperback. Too bad they didn't go for the more reasonably priced hardcover. The previous $160-180 for the Gianni illos. ed. hardcover was a bit steep considering you could have probably have bought the whole White Wolf Moorcock hardcover editions used for around that same price.


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                    Wait.. so is the The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
                    the WHOLE series.. in other words.. if someone has not read any of his works yet should they just get this and be all set?


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                      I've got most of the original Kane stories in two books and they run at about 140 pages each. Savage Tales coming out later this month is listed as 432 pages. So I'd wager there's a pretty good chance that it will contain all of Howard's Purtian gunslinger; la dأ©tente de Dieu.


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                        Originally posted by Locke421
                        Wait.. so is the The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
                        the WHOLE series.. in other words.. if someone has not read any of his works yet should they just get this and be all set?
                        As far as I know the answer is yes. There are not many Solomon Kane stories and most are short. Note, it is not a series but a collection of stories.

                        As for Solomon Kane, great character. I recommend the stories.


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                          Originally posted by ghost View Post
                          As far as I know the answer is yes.
                          I believe so as well. I have this hardcover edition, and it appears to be comprehensive... although I haven't actually researched it for confirmation.
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                            I bought a cheap 'Wordsworth Horror Classics' paperback containing all the Soloman Kane stoies for about 2 pounds brand new a few years ago, great character. You can also find them all at an affordable price in the Gollancz hardcover anthology 'Conan's Brethren , a companion to the Complete Chronicles of Conan' .