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Vampire Hunter D, series,Hideyuki Kikuchi

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  • Honoured_Matre
    Divine Assasin
    • Jun 2006
    • 47

    Vampire Hunter D, series,Hideyuki Kikuchi

    These are the closest to MM Elric books I have read!

    D, a human/vampire hybrid, a loner alienated from both races, feared by humans and despised by vampires.He lives by hunting vampires,now close to extinction,when once they ruled.

    Set in a post apocalyptic world, where humans had almost wiped themselves out.The Vampires inherit the earth, built it anew, brought science and technology to the world.However even immortals cannot rule froever, their society dwindles, the humans they farm to feed on, become greater in number stronger.Through the ennui of an immortal race the humans again inherit the world through default.

    The world is inhabited with mutants and strange monsters.Littered with defunct technology few humans understand.

    The storyline, D is employed to save a girl from the clutches of a vampire Count.

    Romantic without ever cosummating,action packed, strange and well written these books,are a must for anyone who enjoys Elric, Vampires and Sci Fi! There are a huge number of them slowly being translated into English ,now that they have been popularized by the anime films.
  • Azariel
    Eternal Companion
    • Sep 2005
    • 787

    I've read these books, and have been a big fan of VHD for sometime, being that it's the ONLY vampire fanchise I feel has any creativity and originality. That being said, I feel the english translations are a tad lacking, giving me the feel that they translated word for word, rather than getting it to sound fluent in english. However that being said, D does remind me of Elric. But I'm not the only one to note tht, Mike himself has stated that Amano's renditions of D were very reminicent tothe fact he asked to use one of the pieces of art for a cover.