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Defying Hitler

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  • Defying Hitler

    While I am not comparing the Bush Administration to the Nazis, we all are observing a continuous hollowing out of human and civil rights and freedom in a gigantic orchestrated campaign since 9/11. See the article posted in RESAONED DEBATE today:
    It is all there for all to see. Also the Human Rights disaster of the camp(s) in Guantanamo.

    A German anti-Nazi, who fled to Britain before WW2 and became a leading publicist and historian wrote about the time in Germany, long before the war started when people COULD SEE what was taking place, but impassively chose to ignore the whittling down of liberty and the growing persecution of Jews and oppositionals.

    I recommend this lecture as a comparison of how intelligence and empathy can actually be switched off (or does it switch off by itself?):
    "Defying Hitler" by Sebastian Haffner (Original title, more adequate "Geschichte eines Deutschen" - (Hi-)Story of a German

    It is some time since I read it now, but the mechanisms of power going berserk and few seriously try to do something about it, is still very useful to understand today.
    Google ergo sum

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    Thanks for continuing to draw attention to these issues. People forget too easily. Especially those who use "9/11" as justification for anything.


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      Read 1984 from Orwell ..... He shows how the meaning of the word is twisted ....... and after the words are used to say something different of what is officially said .......