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Does anyone recognise this character?

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  • Does anyone recognise this character?

    Quite a few years ago I bought a sketch by Jim Cawthorn entitled "The Red King" and I've never been able to figure out whether it was a character from a story or whether it was just a one off. Does anyone recognise the character or have any suggestions where it may be from?

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    I can't offer any help, but I can express my admiration! That is a great sketch.


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      I think i have a picture accosiated with the Red King. I think it was for a either Tanith lee or some famous author.

      I feel he is a vengfull king Knight, who is raised from his tomb to aid the wicked usurper, but breaks free, and fights for the land he once ruled..

      Either that or hes evil.

      Jim Cawthorn is a rather gory and fighty artist.