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Underrated BOOKS

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  • A_Non_Ymous
    • Jul 2004
    • 2659

    Underrated BOOKS

    Some authors are not, themselves, underrated, but a particular book by that author may not receive much attention. It happens for various reasons. Here are two that come to mind:

    Houses and Travellers, by W. S. Merwin

    Merwin is a notable American poet (and a good one), and he's certainly well-known for his poetry. This book is called "prose," and some of the pieces are short stories, some fables, and some "prose poetry." It's one of my favorites among his books.

    Lotte in Weimar, by Thomas Mann

    I like Mann's work a great deal, and this is one of his better books. It's an historical novel built around a real incident in Wolfgang von Gأ¶the's life. It's witty, amusing, and also has some serious things to say. I liked it a lot.