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Galveston by Sean Stewart

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  • Galveston by Sean Stewart

    I read this for a change of pace from my usual reading, and was happily surprised.

    This is equal parts alternative future and magical realism set in two Galveston Islands that exist simultaneously. One is a perpetual Mardi Gras, the other is a city surviving a flood of magic, polarized by social class and living on its old resources.

    What I like is that Stewart does not have to have easy resolution. Difficult people do not find moments of redemption. Social class barriers are not magically broken down. People suffer. While this world may seem overly grim for some people's tastes, Stewart tempers it with a very real, albiet very small hope. The result is something that will certainly fail to satisfy someone looking for an ending where they all lived happily ever after, but will appeal to people looking for perspective on the sometimes harsh world in which we live.