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John Shirley

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  • John Shirley

    this guy's not very well know in thew U.K., but his writing sounds interesting.

    anybody read him? opinions?

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    I've always like John Shirley - The Eclipse trilogy is terrific fun, chock full of anti-Christian fundamentalist stuff anti-globalisation themes. The final scene of the first book has the hero standing on top of the Arc-de-Triumph playing Killing Joke and Joy Division on his guitar as the fascists crush Paris.

    His other stuff can also be quite hallucinogenic - City Come a-walkin' and Wetbones are both pretty entertaining, Heatseeker a collection of short stories, has some great stuff in it.

    Of all the so-called cyberpunks (and what a pointless genre description that is...) I liked him the most.

    I haven't read the Eclipse stuff in years (I might have to dig it out) but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has probably become more topical rather than less.
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      Didn't John Shirley write a lot of pulp under various pseudonyms at one time?

      I have a handful of Dell-published post-apocalypse stuff by someone apparently called D B Drumm. I think the first half dozen were by John Shirley.



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        I forgot to add, the books were not especially terrible ;) I got the impression that someone was writing them to order and slipping in a few clever references to keep himself sane while collecting a pay cheque.