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In Praise of SLOW

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  • Marc
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Jul 2004
    • 116

    In Praise of SLOW

    'In Praise of SLOW' by Carl Honore is a must read for anyone who feels that life is just whipping by without any pause for thought or reason.

    It certainly puts the insane manouvres of some motorists in perspective. Why just the other day, I'm waiting in a merge lane for traffic to clear on the Highway, when this nutter behind me (must have been on crystal meth or sumfin) shoots out 'cause he can't be bothered to wait two more seconds and nearly causes an accident (which would have involved me). In my road-rage fantasy, I imagined beating him repeatedly over the head with a hardcover copy of the book.

    We all need to CHILL and this book shows you how and lets you know what other people are doing globally to try and regain some control in their lives (my fav chapter is Seven 'Sex: A Lover with a Slow Hand.'

    Enjoy! 8)
  • Mikey_C
    Champion of the Balance
    • May 2004
    • 1511

    Sounds good. I've heard of the 'slow food' movement (counter McDonalds, etc). Time just rushes past these days. I see all sorts of maniacs risking their lives (and everybody else's) just so they can be the one in front at the next set of traffic lights... Where are we hurrying to get to, I wonder? Six foot under is the only answer I can see.
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