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  • Robert Holdstock

    I really must mention Robert Holdstock's 'Mythago Wood' series, mentioned by MM in 'Wizardry and Wild Romance.'

    A 'must read' I feel.

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    Very much agreed - I think the first 'Mythago Wood' is an absolute classic, although my attention did start to wander with later contributions to the series.
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      Too many people rely on devices in fantasy, but Holdstock relies on (gasp! :D ) ideas-- and heady ones, at that. I like how he explores both British Mythology and Jungian psychology through Ryhope Wood. Ancient Echoes has similar themes and a good story, too, but a completely different setting.

      Having said that, I didn't think Lavondyss and The Hollowing were quite as good (or quite as intellectually engaging) as Mythago Wood, but I'm not implying they are quite good in their own rights. Rather, I'm saying Mythago Wood is that powerful.

      His early SF is interesting, but pretty ordinary. Good reading if you're looking for something reasonably solid. He seems to have taken a leap with his fantasy that really changed his storytelling for the better.

      I haven't yet read his new series, which combines the Jason and Merlin legends, but they look quite promising, especially conceptually.


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        Holdstock Merlin books

        I loved the Mythago series (and there may be more - RH hinted as much to me although he felt at the time he had nowhere else to go with the books). However, the new series has left me cold. I found it a bit forced, attempting to tie too many threads together.


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          Unfortunately, the only books of the 'Mythago series' translated to Spanish are 'Mythago wood' and 'Lavondyss' and, in addition, it's quite difficult to find any of them as they've been long deleted. Nevertheless, I read both of them and enjoyed them a lot... I think I'll have to buy the rest of the series in English, though :)
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            I've not read the follow ups but found Mythago Wood an excellent read. The whole topic of Mythagos was a cool spin on the mythic archetype.