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Book storage question

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  • Book storage question

    Have a few questions for you guys..

    1) Is it ok to store hardback books in archival bags or is it recommended to only put mylar on the DJs? What about paperbacks, can they go in bags?

    I keep reading articles on storage saying that books have to breathe, but then I think about comics and how they are sealed in bags.. I've also read that storing books in bags is not recommended mainly because of mold issues.. My storage room is temperature regulated with a dehumidifier so is it ok after all?

    2) Is it ok to store my very rare books in a sealed fire resistant safe? It also has a dehumidifier in it..

    I'm fairly new to collecting and I'm moving so in my new place I want to build a very nice storage setup and just don't want to make any mistakes that could damage my collection

    Thanks in advance

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    I am certainly no expert in this matter, but I have two sections of books in my basement. One is in my studio (studyo as I like to call it) and houses my favorite books and also my music equipment, so it is a controlled climate.

    I also have a section of books that is kept in my unfinished section of the basement. I have a dehumidifier on this side. Many of these books have been in the same location for 14 years and no mildew. I think the dehumidifier is necessary.
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      Dehumidifier sounds good. I'm not a book collector and won't be thanks to the storage issues. I had mildew in my bedroom recently, thanks to too many books crammed into too little space, next to a cold outside wall. Part of why I'm switching to ebooks where possible.
      Also, I'll aways remember that mouse which built a nest in my bookcase, from my Simone de Beauvoir paperbacks of all things. A lesson against hoarding.


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        I've had some paperbacks in poly bags, some for a very long time, and they stay in good shape. I keep them dry and out of the light.


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          A strong, not big, cardboard box is best I believe. Spines either to the side or up. Take the DJs off and store them separately. A wee silicon water absorber or two, but not too many (and changed every couple of months). Then stored somewhere that rats/ants etc won't get at them. If you want to use plastic, ensure it is archival grade (doesn't leak acid). Same is true of cardboard/paper : beware bleach in some. But all-in-all, books are quite resiliant, unless damp/wet/eaten!