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Anyone know what this book is?

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  • Anyone know what this book is?

    I remember reading the back cover and a few pages of a book in Borders just before it went bust and thought it looked interesting but I can't remember what it was called or who it was by.

    The plot went something like this - it starts with a snowfall and gradually people start to realise that this was some form of invasion using nanotechnology to infiltrate a transformative virus that hacks the genetic code of people and (I think) other life forms too and gradually people start to change. As far as I can remember the intention was for this to be a trilogy. Sounded interesting as it reminded me of the great scifi series "Threshold" - I would like to find it again and read it in full but Borders went down soon after and I never could find it.

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    Maybe this book? Not sure though...
    "He found a coin in his pocket, flipped it. She called: 'Incubus!'
    'Succubus,' he said. 'Lucky old me.'" - Michael Moorcock The Final Programme


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      Thanks but I don't think that's it - as far as I can recall the existence of the nanotech is not known from the start - everyone thinks it's just snow, and only towards the end of the first book does it start to become clear what is happening, to the main protagonist at least. Plus I think the implication was it was from space. The Carlson book sounds a lot more obvious and I doubt I would have found it interesting even from the back cover.