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Is escapist / comfort fiction always bad?

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  • Heresiologist
    Think of it as fibre to keep your reading habit regular.

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  • zlogdan
    I think things are far simple: I read what I like, what gives fun. I won't bother to read something just for the sake of complexity.

    I have recently acquired the complete Sherlock Holmes works, something I should have read way before....

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  • Dhama
    started a topic Is escapist / comfort fiction always bad?

    Is escapist / comfort fiction always bad?

    We all know Mike likes to write books that challenge and face rather than blocking out the real world.

    Well, for those people who are living through rough times, is it always wrong to want an escape?

    I had a difficult life at times and I like to read some comfort things occasionally. I don't read much tolkien or winnie the pooh but some things I can escape into. Surely it's better than alchohol or drugs and I don't see my favourite anti-tolkien authors calling for those to be banned.

    I've read that Mike's reaction to LOTR is about not just it's escapist nature but also it's tory/pro war tone. But what about things like Out of the Silent Planet, worlds that are utopian or fun. Basically is escapism ok as long as it's not violent, killing foreign enemies without a thought escapism, but peaceful escapism.

    for example I like classic detective stuff like Holmes, Lord Wimsey and Father Brown if I am going through complex times in my real life and don't feel up to being challenged in my fiction as well. However I am a fan of challenging fiction and most "Moorcock approved" stuff.