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A couple of years ago my publishers, Obverse Books, released a collection of Zenith the Albino short stories, including a novella by one Michael Moorcock. It was favourably reviewed (Mike was nominated for a British Fantasy Award, in fact), which prompted me to wonder about resurretcing Zenith's nemesis too.

Fast forward 24 months and we just released the first new Sexton Blake novel in almost 50 years, by Blake (and Moorcock) afficianado, Mark Hodder.

"Commissioned by rogue antiquarian Mathew Cardolak, the criminal trio set out to steal a valuable artefact from the most secure vault in the British Empire, a chamber hidden deep beneath an Army base inside the Rock of Gibraltar.

Also included is an original Blake story by GH Teed from 1922, THE WIRELESS TELEPHONE CLUE.

Sexton Blake: the deductive intellect of Sherlock Holmes; the gung ho action of Indiana Jones!"
We hope to have future novels from George Mann, Mike Wild and, of course, Mr Moorcock...