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Authors-You-Blame Game

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  • Authors-You-Blame Game

    Who is an author you blame...for anything!! war, poverty, crimes of passion, addictions, loves, longings, obsessions, ecstasies, hatreds, fantasies, delusions, disillusions, ignorance...good or bad it's all the same in this blame game

    I blame Robert Anton Wilson for my current current of madness

    I also blame any author of any "Idiot's guide" for anything, for making anything feel so ostensibly simple and yet still making me look like an ass when I can't/don't

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    Fernando Sلnchez-Dragَ, Pيo Moa and César Vidal. sS'Painish right wing writers(?) -it's not very clear wether they write their books or not- for turning books into such an expensive fire starter.


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      I blame Ayn Rand for a philosophy so shallow, selfish, simple minded and stupid that shallow, selfish, simple minded, stupid and greedy people are able to grasp it to their cold frozen hearts.


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        I blame Michael Crichton for getting me into reading, then not living up to my expectations as I grew up (still love'em though, and his books )
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          I blame Hunter S Thompson for making me viciously realize that I must be uncompromisingly's the only way to fly (or ground)!
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            I blame Shakespeare (and my British Studies teachers for the effortless way they made him make sense) for encouraging and rooting my poetic sense of self (don't leave home without it)


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              I blame Mike for giving me sanctuary with you bunch of rabble-rousers


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                Originally posted by SeeDoubleYou View Post
                I blame Michael Crichton for getting me into reading, then not living up to my expectations as I grew up
                Look for his early work, usually published under the name "John Lange." I like those more than the later ones under his own name.

                The Lange books weren't trying to develop some grand theme, they were just decent entertainment. I recommend "Drug of Choice" if you haven't encountered it yet.


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                  I blame Bruce Coville for thoroughly blowing-my-mind as a kid (specifically, My Teacher Flunked The Planet)


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                    I blame Dan Brown....for everything.


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                      Well, i Blame the late great Douglas Adams (whose Hitchhikers' Guide to The Galaxy i heard as a radio play and also read the book round the same time as i was reading a great many Elric tales, 1978-79) for getting me to go hunting for number 42..." The Meaning of Life, The Universe And Everything "( so it goes )... It only led me (back) to 334 in the long run...

                      ...Led me to The Miscellany, also...
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