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Terry Pratchett: still in the game and 'Raising Steam'

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  • Terry Pratchett: still in the game and 'Raising Steam'

    Nice interview with Terry Pratchett in the, Grauniad. He's still writing and has a couple of new books coming out, a Discworld novel, 'Raising Steam' and another of the Discworld science books.

    Anyway, he's still very much a writer and there's a v.nice reference to his early SF days.

    Terry Pratchett: 'Fantasy is uni-age'

    Despite his Alzheimer's diagnosis, Terry Pratchett is still marvelling at the world and still writing. He tells Stephen Moss about his new scientific direction, battling Hollywood executives – and why he doesn't fear death

    The Guardian, Stephen Moss. 22 April 2013


    So as well as writing the Discworld sections, Pratchett also becomes the everyman figure wrestling with difficult scientific propositions. Is he a frustrated scientist? "I was a very keen reader of science fiction," says Pratchett, "and during the time I was going to libraries, it was good, written by people who knew their science."

    By the time he was in his teens, Pratchett was writing science fiction and attending conventions. "The first convention I ever went to, I met Arthur C Clarke, Mike Moorcock, John Brunner, and just about everyone who was around. This was like going to see the immortals, and you suddenly realised that they're science fiction writers and they're human beings and you are a human being, so there's no reason why you couldn't be a science fiction writer."


    • Pratchett and his co-authors discuss the science of Discworld on 24 April at Conway Hall, London WC1 (details: Highlights of the event will appear on
    A tip of the hat to Terry and to Stephen Moss and or, the Guardian sub, who linked Mike's name to, The Miscellany, instead of Wikipedia.