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Timesnake and Super Clown

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  • Timesnake and Super Clown

    Has anyone read this demented shit? Just onto the second chapter. Seriously, wtf?

    (note, the black nail-varnished hand belongs to mah gurlfriend, I'm not THAT goth)

    So far, the book is about some dude, who is probably not human, who observes the human race and refers to them as wraiths, he calls women 'whore- wraiths' or 'girl wraiths' or 'girl whore wraiths' he has sex with a woman, rifles through her possessions, and realises that she has turned him into an impotent space clown of some sort. Not sure what direction the book will go, it's incredibly poorly written, picture Burroughs with a lobotomy, but it's hilarious in its awfulness. The author, Vincent King, is a Cornishman and bizarrely a university professor. I wonder if some of my British sci-fi nerd friends on here have read any of his other work, or have any information on him. Here's a link to a hilarious blog briefly describing the book.
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    Sounds bonkers: may well give it a whirl sometime!


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      Wow, from the description I thought this was some self-pubbed e-book you had just had the misfortune to run across. So this was '70s paperback? I guess the marketing guys figured they needed to reach customers who were tripping.
      Dave Hardy

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        I'd love to read it but it's a bit pricey. Looks like there was an io9 article that jacked the price up.


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          Yeah I think I paid ten pounds for a fairly battered copy.


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            When I'm done with it I will sell it to you for a more reasonable price if you want. Although I'm not sure how much the postage will cost from Ireland to wherever you are.

            Althoughit is on for just under a fiver



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              Thanks for the offer, but I have so much piled up right now. Maybe it will be cheaper later or I might get something else by the same author.. but thanks anyway!