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Our Collections, overviews and highlights 2012

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  • Our Collections, overviews and highlights 2012

    i wanted to make a thread where we could talk about our book collections, i just moved and had to box and reshelve my collection of about 1000 books, so i thought it would be a good time to take you on a virtual tour of my bookcases. in the future i might take pictures or do a video tour.

    hope this doesn't come off as bragging, i am poor, i make very little money, but i've acquired a lot of books through buying and selling used books, and i'm proud of what i've acquired with virtually zero actual cash spent on them. i'm willing to sell anything i have at reasonable prices, but not really actively trying to sell. feel free to PM me any questions related to buying anything i have.

    i think for this, i shall go from bookcase to bookcase and describe and highlight some of whats on each of them.

    first i have a small three shelf glass bookcase about three feet high, i hate it, but i need the shelf space so i can't get rid of it. there's really a hodgepodge of various stuff on it, including illuminatus books by robert anton wilson, a couple dragonlance and forgotten realms omnibuses, and even some manga in japanese, which i can't read at all. there's also some toni morrison reading copies, and just random fiction and nonfiction and even a few novelty books on it.

    going clockwise around my walls next is some sort of shelf thing that i re-purposed as a bookshelf, its about four feet high and has three shelves, and its almost full of stephen king books, first editions, books of interviews, critical studies and biographies, collections he appears in and a bibliography.

    next to that is my wood four shelf kinda long book case, its about 4.5 feet tall, but i have it sitting on a short table. its perhaps 4 or 5 feet tall. the top two shelves have my moorcock collection on it, about 110 volumes strong, roughly half paperback and half hardback or trade pb, but nothing really rare at all. i have 4 of the del rey elrics, 3 out of the 4 elric saga omnibuses, the british EC von bek omnibus in HC, the us von bek in tpb and hc, also volumes 1, 3, 5,6,7,8 and 12 of the US EC omnibuses and a bunch more common stuff. the third shelf of this case is mostly various science fiction and fantasy story collections and sfbc omnibuses and such, like galatic empires 1 and 2, what might have been 1-4 in two volumes, the science fiction century, the compleat dying earth, the norton book of postmodern american fiction, etc etc. the final shelf is my little lincoln collection, which is about 30 volumes, the star probably being a nice sangamon edition of sandberg's 6 volume biography.

    my next bookcase is a tall 5 shelfer, about 6 feet high, on top of the shelf is a fruit crate with all my harry potter books, first american editions of every one except the first, and a few books on harry potter and such. the top two shelves of the bookcase proper has my john updike collection, which is large, though not really having anything too collectible, just a little harder to find things, like an advance reading copy of brazil, an asian pirated copy of Couples, and some of his books of prose. most of it is just reading copies, but i love updike. next shelf is important to me, it's my mencken collection, i have several biographies, several editions of the american language and supplements, the days books, the chestomethy, the vintage mencken, in defense of women, the bathtub hoax and a few other things. the bottom two shelves have a motley collection of everything from pratchett to harold robbins, al franken, and even microsoft's windows xp inside out.

    the next several bookcases are all in a little alcove that used to have a bed that folded into the wall, so there's a little indention into the wall about 15 inches deep and 6 foot high by 5.5 feet wide. i have stuffed a tall bookcase and a tower of three small bookcases (two shelves each) stacked on top of each other in there, and there's just enough room to fit a stack of milkcrates (i only currently have two) between them.

    the tall bookcase in the nook has two drawers in the bottom and four shelves. i keep my socks in the drawers, on the top two shelves i have some oversized books, my easton press oversized baseball hall of fame book, some graphic novels, things like that, then the bottom two shelves have random things, some doctorow novels, so tom wolfe, an ARC of stephenson's anathem, some weird reference and nonfiction books.

    the two plastic milk crates in the middle of that nook have my small dreiser collection, plus some random odds and ends.

    on the master tower of three bookcases, the top one has a lot of stuff about literature and authors, bloom's western canon, henry james a life in letters, the lives and times of james thurber, etc. there's quite a bit of american history as well, and a few biographies. the middle book case has sfbc omnibuses as well as big story collections by philip k dick, orson scott card, ellison, and clive barker. the bottom shelf of the bottom bookcases is full of books i'm borrowing from my father with an intent to read. the top shelf of the bottom bookcase is a few library of america editions (roth, dreiser, dos passos, steinbeck and chandler, and some franklin and easton press leathers, including several gore vidals.

    moving out of the alcove, and indeed away from the wall, i have this really weird set of two shelves repurposed as bookshelves. they were originally meant to fit on top of each other, but they're way to woobly to be like that full of books. the way they're deisgned they have books on all 4 sides, and one shelf is full of paperbacks all the way around, others have some omnibuses of literature, things like faulkner, f scott, willa cather, hemingway, proust, etc. i have several books translated into english from japanese authors on there as well. the paperbacks vary from weird choose your own adventure type books (including Mario ones by nintendo and some of TSR's d&d ones) to scifi/fantasy and classics and literature.

    back to against the wall almost full circle, i have another, 3 shelf bookcase full of stephen king, including a beat up first edition of carrie and the popup edition of girl who loved tom gordon. on top of that is a weird little nabisco wooden box full of more king.

    the last bookcase is one of the most interesting ones, its got glass doors and fairly short and wide, probably 5 feet wide and 3 feet high, but its sitting on a strange table. inside is mostly signed books, i've got john irving, william gibson, buzz aldrin, stephen king, tabitha king, dan simmons, elmore leonard, sarah silverman, jamie farr, douglas adams, philip pullman, john updike, tom wolfe, dean koontz, andre norton, ferrol sams, salmon rushdie and more. i've got multiples of clive barker (including 4 copies of sacrament) jimmy carter, and gregory macguire. most of these really aren't worth much, but i love having signed copies.

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    Well my book cases aren't fancy, mostly just shelves along the wall of a room for hard covers and my and my daughter's manga collection. Paperbacks for the most part are in Rubbermaid style containers tho I just found 5 more boxes, the type that used to hold continous feed computer paper, that I have to get emptied, cataloged and moved to containers. Don't trust cardboard any more.

    I collect American firsts of certain mystery and SF/Fantasy writers these days but used to buy almost anything in my younger days (Have a mixed assortment of both US and British firsts of the bearded wonder who is the inspiration for this site). One of these days I may finally have my collection cataloged so that I know what I have and where it is. Whether I will actually ever catch up on my to be read list is another story, a task made harder with the advent of the e-reader. Right now the catalog stands at slightly over 2000 volumes a bit more than half in hard cover tho I have numerous containers and those afore mentioned boxes still to be rooted through. Also a container or two of SFBC hard covers out there somewhere from back in my college days. I've slacked off a bit on that cataloging job since I've been tied up with working on converting my VHS collection to digital tho I think I've found a solution allowing me to work on both at once tho I'll probably need to upgrade my laptop to handle the workload. I think the book count will be north of 3K once I get to everything. Someday I'll take some pics.

    Man spends his time on devising a more idiot proof computer. The universe spends its time devising bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.


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      science fiction bookclub makes some nice omnibuses and collections. guild america, and a few others. a lot of things that might be impracticable to get in anything else other then in pb copy.

      i forgot to mention another treasure of mine, the signed limited first of w sommerset maughm's the painted vail, number 78 of 250, it was one of his smallest print runs for a limited, it has vellum corners and spine. i was lucky to find it in a free book bin one day

      collecting books i see to be a separate hobby from reading. its certainly influenced by my reading, but i also collect some things i may have no interest at all in reading. i'm more of an opportunity collector, i love a great find at rock bottom prices. i tend to gravitate towards 20th century american fiction, a lot of various sci/fi fantasy, american history, and just quirky and unique books. here's a neat one i found, a book comedian jim norton signed to Imus, thats something you don't find every day.

      since i moved its not as convenient for me to frequent my book spots though, but thats ok, i already have too many books to want to ever have to move again.

      i probably have several hundred books here that i'd like to read, i usually only read paper books at home, and i take my kindle and read on that everywhere else. i usually try to read one kindle book and two paper books at any given time.