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"A World Away"

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  • gaynor
    Wanderer of the Mittel March
    • Dec 2003
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    "A World Away"

    I recently finished reading Ms. Gilmore's memoir of Mervyn Peake and I contest her espousal of her lack of talent. I was moved by the personal tone of the writing; she but speaks of the life she has lived. It is almost fantastical in her recollection of the relationship that survived war, both of a physical nature and of that which comes with the creative spirit. If nothing else I think she succeeds in defending a man who merely wanted to provide for his family as anyone else does - by nurturing the life within him and so being present in all that he does. That people (myself included) continue to take for granted the simplest words he writes of the sharp lines of reality that he saw, labelling him eccentric or escapist, only proves his relevance and our obligation to such. Finally, this is a book of Ms. Gilmore, told from her perspective, in what I imagine is an attempt to put into words the joys, sorrows and everything in-between that she has experienced, the people to whom she has given and who have given themselves, her impressions of the world in all it's majestic beauty, excited liveliness, and terrible griefs.