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Dan Simmons Hyperion

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  • Dan Simmons Hyperion

    Has anyone read this series? I'm reading the second book Fall of Hyperion and I'm finding it a bit slow and boring to say the least. The fist book was kind of like this ( slow and boring) but it got a lot better toward the end and I'm wondering if this book is worth the effort. If someone here can convince me one way or another I would appreciate it. Its been compared to Foundation and Dune and I liked those books but this isn't doing anything for me.

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    not sure I should be replying as I can't help much. I gave up before you.!

    I had come across mountains of praise for this series and went in expecting fireworks!!. I got to the Soldier's tale before I lost interest so you're doing better than me (perseverence shows character :) ).

    I was disapointed. I hate giving up books because there's always that nagging suspicion that you'll start to enjoy it in a few pages. then again, if you read all 4 books and think - that was crap - you've wasted a lot of valuable reading time - life's too short.

    sorry to state the obvious - I can sympathise with your dilemma but can't advise :(


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      Thanks, Yesterday I read The Time Dweller by MM (just the short story not the whole book) and I found that Mike can put more into a short story than a lot of criticilly aclaimed authors can in a 600 page book. Maybe I'll alternate between Fall of Hyperion and short storys by Mike. I'd still like to here from someone thats read the whole series.


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        yeah I've read collection - good stuff :)


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          I could have sworn that I started a post on this somewhere....oh well, perhaps that was on another branch of the Tree...

          I really really enjoyed Hyperion (read it lots) and Fall of Hyperion (read it several times, still not sure that I quite understand what the hell is going on, but that's nothing new).

          Endymion, book 3, or possibly book 1 of series two, I didn't like. It had none of the grand sweep of the first two, the literary allusions and scifi in-jokes.

          Book four I have yet to read.


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            I'm up to about page 400 now and it has gotten a lot better, I just wish it didn't take so long to get this good.


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              Some things are worth taking their time over.

              My life expectancy is apparently double what my great-grandfather's was (admittedly he was gassed in WW1), so I can afford to read things that take slightly longer to get going.