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Holiday reading

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  • Holiday reading

    I will soon be off on my annual pilgrimage to Bavaria for Bier und Bratwurst - PROST!! :D

    An essential consideration is what to read in the Bier Gartens. I have narrowed down the options as follows:

    1. City of the Beast
    3. The Final Programme
    4. The Steel Tsar
    5. Dancers Trilogy
    6. Swords (Corum) trilogy

    I should be able to get through a couple of these. Does anyone have any advice on which I should go for?

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    The Warhound and the World's Pain, even if von Bek is a Saxon, would be my choice, but only with Weissbier.
    And The Dancers are good under nearly all circumstances!

    Any particular Biergarten in mind ...?
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      Not having been to Munich, I thought Brothel in Rosenstrasse might also be reasonably near geographically?

      But have to agree that Dancers would be best, and probably most substantial for a break. I usually find the thinner volumes can be got through too quickly, so as a second best would go for the Corum trilogy.

      Of course, any of the Pyat books or Mother London would keep you glued to your lounger for the whole holiday. :D
      \"Killing me won\'t bring back your apples!\"


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        Despite the Germanic derivation of Rosenstrasse, Mirenburg seems somewhere further East (although not as far East as Bohemia - the Von Bek books suggest it is on the route to Prague).

        Cesky Krumlov might make a better candidate- official residence of the Rosenbergs, hundreds of years old in places, and of course was once part of the German speaking Sudetenland, it seems in many ways closer than Prague.

        If you've not read it though, you can't beat Dancers for a holiday read.


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          hmmm now I'm confused.

          Just picked up the Corum trilogy (nice old 60's/70's editions) on ebay so maybe I'll go for that.

          Although, I'm not a book collector as such, I love buying old Mayflower and Panther sci/fantasy - excellent cover art. I just can't abide the bulky, re-packaged Masterworks series (although I fully endorse bringing old classics to a new audience - so full marks to the publishers on that)


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            Must Books

            No, no, no.

            You must take the Runestaff series.

            It's a must, an order almost.


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              well Mirenburg is supposed to be Marienburg, possibly. thereare various of them, in Prussia, Switzerland, Romania, a castle in Hildesheim...

              and the location could very well be Bohemia. Prague is in the centre of Bohemia, so Marienburg could be on the border.


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                I've decided on (in order to be read)....

                1. Poul Anderson - 3 hearts & 3 lions (50 pages in at the moment)
                2. The Steel Tsar (to finish the trilogy)
                3. The City of the beast
                4. Knight of the swords

                that should keep me going.

                Thanks for suggestions chaps - lots of nice teutonic-type crossover recommendations, but I'll be fine with the above.


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                  But the question as to which beer garden you have in mind is still open ...
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                    Mr L.

                    as long as the weather's OK, it'll be the Augustiner Garten not far from Hacker Brucke U-Bahn station. Fantastic place.

                    May well check out Hirschgarten and Hof Brau Keller also as haven't been to either before. Will also be visiting the Hofbrauhaus and Weisses Bruahaus of course

                    (might even see some of Munich if we can drag ourselves away from the Bier :D )

                    Going to Regensburg as well - the Spital Garten and Bischofshof are both great places we intend to patronise thoroughly :lol:


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                      Try unfiltered "Helles" or "light" at the Schlossbrauerei in Au/Hallertau if you have a car.
                      And yeasty Unertl or similar Weissbiers at other places.

                      Get in touch if you like, I might be in town.
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                      • #12
                        great holiday. weather cr*p.

                        bier was so good that I only got through 3 Herts & 3 lions and the steel tsar. both were very enjoyable.

                        Letranger - spent a fair bit of time in the Augustiner Garten which I absolutely love. and the Hofbrauhaus (although the staff can be a bit rude at times).


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                          Ever tried around the "Chinese Tower" in the English Garden?
                          Closer to where I work and I could meet you there if you want a Moorcock chat.
                          I'll check my mail twice a day.
                          If you're in Regensburg area - on Saturday I'm at a most precious place - a jewel one oughtn't miss.
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