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Roy DeCarava

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  • Roy DeCarava

    One of my favorite documentary photographers is Roy DeCarava. I have one of his books, simply titled Photographs- beautifully reproduced, powerful images, of harlem in the 40's-60's. The one called Pepsi is one of my favorites, but I love all of it- Harlem, the Civil Rights movement, his work with Jazz artists.

    Sweet flypaper of life is a book of his work, written by Langston Hughes. It's on my list of books to buy, for sure, as is The Sound I Saw, on the world of New York Jazz in the 1960s.
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    Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
    -Yousuf Karsh

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    Good stuff. Wow his Wind & Stove and the Boy in the Window touch me very much. What became of the boy? And his "Picket" man ...

    I know it is always not very fair to compare one artist with another to find the right "box", but here I am tempted to say Roy DeCavara was for Harlem and Jazz what Walker Evans, another great Social Reality photographer, was for Cuba and the US Mid-West during the Great Depression.

    Great triumphs for b&w ...!
    Now, where's that undeveloped roll I meant to take to the lab since ...?
    Google ergo sum


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      Yes, Walker Evans's work is inspiring, to say the least.

      Hey L'E my darkroom is almost up and running- if you do find any B & W film to be developed, send it my way
      Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
      -Yousuf Karsh