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Documentary Photography: Roman Vishniac

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  • Documentary Photography: Roman Vishniac

    Ever heard of Roman Vishniac? Well, if you haven't you've missed something. He photographed Jewish life in Eastern Europe before WW2 and prior to its complete destruction by the N.azis. He made thousands of shots, working like a maniac, sensing that what he got to see would vanish soon. He was terribly right and consequently his most famous photo book is "The Vanished World", first published in 1947, but reprinted a couple of times since.
    His life story and also the story of how most of this 16000 negatives survived are already exciting, and seeing the pictures is an absolute must for anybody interested in 20th century history, documentary photographs and Jewish heritage.

    Currently, by the way, there are some of Vishniac's books offered on Ebay:

    May be worth checking other places too like Amazon:
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    I can only imagine how he accomplished such a work, concealing his cameras because he was Jewish, often returning a camera borrowed form a friend because of those restrictions! Incredible, and wonderful that he did so.
    Thanks, L'E!
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