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Malefic Time: Apocalypse

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  • Malefic Time: Apocalypse

    Is Luz, the Eternal Champion of 2038 AD ?

    It seems so as this recurring muse of Luis Royo:
    - as white hair like Elric
    - was given by a surnatural being an evil sword called "Malefic"
    - is an important piece for a chess game between demons & gods
    - lives during the “Apocalypse”, World’s End time
    - is an anti heroin
    - likes wearing black & metal
    - inspires black & metal music

    see the trailer
    if you are 16+ go to the official project site or the artist one &

    I have ordered the 1st artbook and I'm still waiting for it to arrive
    However as I have already several Royo's artbook featuring her in painting like

    Si I would say YES ! and hope that Michael would be at least contacted to translate "Malefic Time: Codex Apocalypse" of Jesus (is this book a real written speach of God ?) B. Vilches from Spanish to English or, even better, to imagine some short story about an encounter between Luz and Elric
    (hey Malefic could be the lost Mournblade!)
    Meanwhile, my wife posed as female Eternal Champion for me (and you)

    How do find our shooting ?
    By the way shouldn't there be more female incarnation of Eternal Champion,
    Like one for whichXiombarg (Queen of the Swords) would play same role as Arioch (Knight of the Swords) did for Elric ?
    or is the Balance affected with misogyny leaving women role of doomed lovers ?

    (*) according to "The Steel Lover" painting description, it seems to bring energy, cure wound of the bearer:
    "Luz felt as a warm feeling of shelter and protection invaded her. Gradually those cuts of fighting stopped bleeding and begun healing. A moist and stifling heat has installed. It was not unpleasant, quite the contrary. They spent a long time in that position, feeling the sweat of both mixing.
    Their pores seemed to communicate by invisible threads of electricity"
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    Now that I have the all art-books:
    - Malefic Time: Apocalypse (1st tome)
    - Malefic Time: 110 Katanas (2nd tome)
    - Malefic (1997 art book )
    I can better speak about the painting
    (for the story, world see better )

    1st, because of the painting+ story combination, Malefictime look much more like a comic than an artbook. Graphic level of 2x125p cannot be the same of 80p art book as you have sometimes several picture by page in MT, rather than sometimes 1painting by double-page in M97.

    If you like colourful heroic-fantasy but ultra-realistic of M97 you may be disappointed as MT graphic style is more like Prohibited because of white/brown/blood/black palette, except that eroticism has been replaced darkness. Is it because Royo becoming older think more about death than sex? who knows except himself.
    Maybe I'm getting older but if 20th century Royo's pin-up were the kind of (fully) women inspiring desire while MT shows Luz from childhood (in flash-back) to 19 (age in main story).
    The Luz of "Nine Tongues and a Tear" (cover of M97) was much more 25+.
    In the prequel MALEFIC TIME: SOUM cover, her sidekick looks like any teenage manga heroin

    The desire & pleasure relationship between the Beauty & the Beast is now a parental & protecting one.
    Perhaps because MT is a father & son cooperative work.

    We can also compare the strip-tease comic strip of Prohibited to the comic strip showing Luz or Soum sword training keeping their lingerie.
    On p97 "Malefic Devotion" Luz white string from previous version ( ) has been replace by a larger black panty, just as for "The Seeds Of Nothing" where Luz corset is now just a sexy camiknicker
    The red-blood-lust of dawn and flame of desire has been replaced by the grey-death-gothic of night and fog.
    From dying sun, Luz is now moonlight.
    Not because of censorship but rather to fill to the story.
    "The Steel Lover" features full nudity and in "Endless Wall" Luz has the same skimpy white lingerie of 1st version "Malefic Devotion".

    This apocalypse is not an epic firework where of rage and hate, but a sad winter-night of sorrow.
    The 3 years winter of Nordic Ragnarok or perhaps the "Winter is coming" of "Game of Thrones" influence?
    ( Royo did some illustration for GRR in 2007 )

    For the background, it's not simply "Walking Dead" like.
    There is something more spooky gothic or insane in "Silent Hill" style.
    Building are not just destroyed, they are dead.

    Remember Strombringer's & Mournblade's Pulsing Cavern.
    Now imagine the cavern walls dead, and empty from their blood that just leave some black coagulated marks on the ground.
    The walls coating/paint looks like if it was a wrinkled old skin.
    The demons and angel skins also appear to be winkled, compare to flash-back/vision of the past (from Genesis/Akhenaton times) or Luz's team members ones.

    From epic heroic fantasy where fighting, nudity and sex is a way the live with more intensity and freely,
    Royo offers now dark gothic fight were fighting is to escape death, nudity just gives chilling and weakness and sex is a weakness(*).
    Young Kingdom high adventure VS horror survival in Immyr ruins.
    young artist phantasm VS old artist fear for death?

    (*) SPOILER
    Luz first love & kiss, instead of spilling her blood by taking her virginity does it by stabbing her belly with a dagger.
    However this still trigger her woman-hood but as becoming the new Mother-Goddess of mankind rather then being the wife of a single man.
    Just look her foetal position in the Holly Grail at the end of 110 Katanas.
    I feel she actually gives birth but to a New World instead of just a child.
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