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Most Accurate Elric Depiction IMHO--Resin Model

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  • Darth Cypher
    Very nice but maybe a little to "Final Fantasy IV concept art" like.
    This manga-Elric looks like a mix of Cecil Harvey as Dark Knight & Paladin.
    However for japanese/manga style model this is quite a perspicacious for a Champion searching the balance between Law & Chaos to be inspired by an hero switching from Darkness to Light.

    Like in previous post I also like the "Witchblade" look of Stormbringer as finally it should be "illogical" for a chaotic/demon weapon to be perfectly symmetrical as we generally see it.
    Siudmak for the french edition cover "Elric des Dragons" at "PRESSES POCKET" tried also to go away from this perfect symmetry but didn't go far away

    Anyway, I found a set a painted version

    Kotobukiya - Elric Stormbringer Statue 01 by Ed Speir IV, on Flickr

    Kotobukiya - Elric Stormbringer Statue 02
    by Ed Speir IV, on Flickr
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  • mjp808
    started a topic Most Accurate Elric Depiction IMHO--Resin Model

    Most Accurate Elric Depiction IMHO--Resin Model

    Having read and absorbed the Elric series, I have to submit that the most accurate depiction of Elric, in all the art I've seen over the years is this Japanese resin kit. The tapered skull, cheekbones, long aquiline nose, slanted almond eyes, thin but sinewy muscles. The half-demon, alien Melnibonean beauty, almost inhuman.
    Too often, depictions of Elric look too "human", or just ignore descriptions written in the books wholesale. Even Stormbringer in this model beautifully reflects the "alien craftsmanship" and "sentient" quality. The dragon "taking flight" helmet, armour--it's all there. Takayuki Takeya, who sculpted this model, really absorbed the writings and integrated them sublimely.

    I would love to know Michael's opinion. Thanks

    Close ups, un-painted

    Google Images
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