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Jerry Cornelius story published -- where to send the antho?

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  • Jerry Cornelius story published -- where to send the antho?

    Dear Mr Moorcock

    Something over a year ago, I contacted you via these forums and asked permission to write and seek publication of a Jerry Cornelius story. You were understandably leery of the whole affair, but agreed to allow me to use the appropriate characters on two conditions; firstly, that the proper acknowledgement be published with the story, and secondly, that I consider sending a copy of the published piece your way.

    The story has been written. A publisher has been found -- Cat Sparks has accepted "Gaslight a Go-Go" for her third "agog!"


    anthology here in Australia. The acknowledgement was included nicely, with the author bio. All that remains is to send a copy of the anthology your way.

    Can you suggest a snailmail address? If you're reluctant to put it in an open forum, I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Yours sincerely

    Dirk Flinthart