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Cornelius Chronicles cover artist

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  • Michael Moorcock
    I'm afraid that's the edition I NEVER recommend. It had material left out, especially pictures. Their four volume set, however, with a very good cover artist, remains one of my favourites. Harry Douthwaite did the first ever cover for the US Edition of The Final Programme and Mal Dean did two covers and Richard Glyn Jones did two covers (after Mal died).

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  • Marca
    started a topic Cornelius Chronicles cover artist

    Cornelius Chronicles cover artist

    Does anyone know who was the cover artist for the 1988 Fontana two-volume edition of The Cornelius Chronicles? In one of those strange multiversal coincidences, I took delivery today of volume 1 off ebay today (along with a signed War Hound and the World's Pain).

    Anyway I'd laid the book in my back room/library and a few feet away also face up was a copy of a book by F M Busby, Rebel's Quest (never read it, I've had it for years). Looking at the two books, the covers seem to be by the same artist, but neither book seems to credit him, so I've no idea if it is the same artist.

    For what it's worth, Cornelius Chronicles is the better cover...