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Aeon Flux and the Cornelius Connection

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  • corneliusfan
    Yeah, I was thinking about the similarities between the two series, as well. Especially in the first set of Aeon Flux shorts, where she dies in each one. And her antagonist, Trevor, who in some respects combines aspects of both jerry's brother Frank and their sister Catherine. Other aspects too, in that she is very much an instrument of chaos and dedicatedly self-serving.

    In fact, I see aspects of Cornelius all over the place, not just overtly as in his named appearances, but in characters like Buckaroo Banzai also.

    But on the other hand, my least favorite iteration of another "avatar" of Cornelius's are those dreadful Mike Myers Austin Powers movies, which seem nothing more than bad pastiches of Jerry Cornelian (sp?). Mike Moorcock did 'em first, did 'em better, and did 'em a while ago. Nuff said (or writ).


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  • sturmhalo
    I remember watching Aeon Flux on MTV and Liquid Television back in the early 90's and bought the complete DVD set earlier this year. Watching Aeon now after having read the Cornelius Quartet and various JC short stories I think there is something of Jerry, at least in essence in the series. Whether that was deliberate or pure coincidence, I don't know.

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  • xidrep
    'S'that multiverse thing getting it on again :)

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  • Suilebhain
    started a topic Aeon Flux and the Cornelius Connection

    Aeon Flux and the Cornelius Connection

    I always thought, back in the early 80's while watching Aeon Flux on Liquid TV as she performed acrobatic deeds of derring do while positioning herself to assasinate someone that she was extremely Cornelian (I use the term to describe all elements that put me into the mindset that I was in while reading the original Chronicles). In fact, she made me think of Una Persson, not in her looks, but in the casual way that she would perform acts of mayhem, or Jerry in the form of a woman.

    Leap ahead to 12/02/05...

    ((minor SPOILER below if you are going to see the film and hate spoilers))

    Aeon Flux's sister is named Una. When she comes face to face with her target, he calls her Catherine. He is a brilliant biogeneticist who has kept the human race alive by re-creating the last remaining survivors after a plague. Sure, he is called Trevor, but what is in a name? he even looks like Jerry from the cover of the second Chronicles, where he is older and has shorter hair.

    Plus the general look of the film, including the strange airship floating over the city, and the surreal Prisoner-like technology really make me think that the writers had tasted of the Cornelian apple.

    ((Big time SPOILER below))

    The fact that they were married (lovers) and that she was killed and not restored by order of, yes, you got it, the evil brother, Orin (Frank), who later decides to stage a coup, kill Aeon, kill Trevor, and take over, well, there is too much smoke not to have at least a little tuft of flame here.