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Cornelius = Charteris (?)

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Brian did write a Cornelius story a year or two after he completed the Charteris stories, but I don't think there was any conscious echo of JC in the Acid Head stories, which I still think are amongst the best things he wrote, though I prefer the versions in NW to the expanded Barefoot in the Head version, which thinned them out a bit, I thought. Amongst his finest work, I thought.

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  • Dead-Air
    started a topic Cornelius = Charteris (?)

    Cornelius = Charteris (?)

    Excuse me if anyone else has ever asked about this already.

    I'm currently reading Best SF Stories from New Worlds 3, and I was struck with how similar on some levels the Brian Aldiss character Colin Charteris and his world are to Jerry Cornelius and his. I'd be curious to here from you Mike, how intentional or noted that may have been on your part and Aldiss's part as authors? Do you actually think of the two characters as incarnations of each other, or am I completely barking up the wrong tree?