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  • Michael Moorcock
    Pretty much all the clippings are authentic. They are there to offer the reader an ironic (or sardonic) understanding of what the stories themselves are 'about'. They are often there, too, to let those whose opinions I disagree with condemn themselves with their own voices.
    It's a way, also, of signalling the subject of a story without going into unnecessary discussion. In this sense they resist the conventions of modernist fiction (though perhaps borrowing something from modernist poetry and painting).
    I think the illustrations are important, too. I chose not to publish them
    in Lives and Times since pretty much all of them are already in The
    Nature of the Catastrophe. Maybe I should be looking around for a new illustrator ? Mal Dean and Richard Glyn Jones were perfect for the stories. Mark Reeve has also done some great stuff over the years,
    notably in MM's Multiverse, the graphic novel I did for DC a few years ago.

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    Guest started a topic Press Clippings

    Press Clippings

    Often chapters start with press clippings, especially Jerry Cornelius stories.
    Are these real press clippings or fictional ones, or is it a bit of both? :?

    I really like them they add a lot to the atmosphere to the stories.
    I also have allways found the illustrations in Jerry Cornelius add to the feel of the stories. :twisted:

    I picked up a copy of My Experiences in the Third world war the other day and was really impressed with the cartoons. :D

    I now have three of the savoy editions, although they are going a bit brown round the edges, these are very nice books
    great covers and some great illus inside to and of course great stories too.
    One of them is Russian Intelligence which has agreat front cover. :lol: