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Jerry Cornelius story

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  • Jerry Cornelius story


    Sorry because I know that this is a question of which variants have been asked before, but I'd prefer to check than assume.

    Some time ago I wrote a Jerry Cornelius story. It's currently listed as an example of my short fiction on my website. I'd like to check that this is okay from a copyright point of view. I'm not really planning on having it properly published or expecting to ever get any money from it.


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    Hi Ed - I'm a relative newcomer here myself so I don't feel totally qualified to welcome you to the boards, but if you go and drop a line in the Arrival at the Time Centre thread, I'm sure you'll get a hearty welcome!


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      You are more than qualified in my book Tom!!

      Good stuff Ed!

      Welcome aboard.

      Have fun,feed yer head and enjoy!!
      "I hate to advocate drugs,alcohol,violence or insanity to anyone,but they've always worked for me"

      Hunter S Thompson


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        Hi Ed, as you probably know, from a copyright - or rather trade mark - perspective, Jerry Cornelius (and associated characters) is the Intellectual Property (IP) of Michael Moorcock. The thing to remember is Jerry's not an open source or public domain character, although Mike has permitted other writers, such as Brian Aldiss, Jim Sallis, M. John Harrison, Norman Spinrad, Alan Moore, Tony Luke and Carter Kaplan, to feature Jerry in their own fiction. And, of course, lots of Mike's readers (myself amongst them) have tried their hand at writing Jerry fiction, which is nowadays called 'fan fiction' (or 'fanfic'). Mike is usually very generous in allowing his readers to 'borrow' his IP when they ask his permission; likewise he's very critical when people have appropriated his IP without asking permission - Grant Morrison and Games Workshop spring to mind as stand-out examples - particularly when they're profiting by it.

        As far as your own JC story is concerned, while you already acknowledge Mike at the top, a disclaimer along the lines of "Jerry Cornelius and associated characters featured in this story are the property and trademarks of Michael Moorcock and used without permission.* No attempt to infringe Mr Moorcock's IP rights is intended." would seem judicious imo.

        Note: This is just a layman's opinion. I'm not a copyright lawyer nor a representative for Mike; just offering some (hopefully) helpful advice.

        *As and until Mike gives you his permission, then you can presumably amend this to "used with permission".
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          Hi Ed,
          Just to endorse what Daid's said. Of course I hae no problem with fan fiction but should you sell the story to a regular publisher, that's when I'd ask you to get in touch and let me see the story. whereupon I'd let you know what form of words you'd need to add!

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            Thanks for that. Like I said, I can't imagine that it's a story I'll ever try and make anything from. It was just a fun and challenging style to write a piece in. I don't tend to think of my short fiction as being for money, I just do it for the hell of it and share it freely. If it leads to me making any money from the longer stuff then that's a bonus.